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A Consortium Approach to Marine Science


The Origins of VIMS and Its Consortium Approach

Benefits and Problems of a Consortium Approach

Realizing the Benefits, Overcoming the Problems

VIMS' Role in the Consortium

Building on the Consortium Approach




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VIMS' Role in the Consortium (continued)

The absence of an effective consortium in the Sydney region, where there are major marine research and education organizations that have long expressed the desire to develop joint aquarium and teaching/research laboratory facilities, may be similarly explained.

Another implicit question is 'what is in it for VIMS'? The fact that it can be answered clearly and unambiguously is part of the reason that VIMS retains the confidence of its partners. The answer is in two parts:

  • The Council of VIMS interprets its statutory role to include promoting and facilitating the programs of other organizations.

  • VIMS has developed the core of its activities—its research 'niche'— in areas which are essentially complementary to those of the other organizations. (VIMS' main in-house expertise is in computer modelling of physical marine systems, and in science interpretation and community education about the sea.) Thus, VIMS' success is not at the expense of other organizations, nor theirs at the expense of ours.
The result is that VIMS regards one of its critical success factors, defined as such in the corporate plan presently being finalized, to be the maintenance and enhancement of its collaborative networks - its consortium approach. This is seen by Council and management as a criterion by which VIMS' future performance will be evaluated.

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