Series 4 - Biographical and Archival Records

Date Range1995? - 2002
Quantity0.5 cm, 1 file
ProvenanceCoad, Alan Rawle

This series contains Alan Rawle Coad's brief curriculum vitae, as well as papers on his work and the records contained in this archival collection.

Inventory Listing

COAR0058 Alan Rawle Coad - Brief CV, and Other Papers

Contains a brief one page curriculum vitae for Alan Rawle Coad; and lists and descriptive information about the papers in this collection.

The page titled "A.R. Coad - Reclamation of Saline Land" refers to the papers contained in Series 1 - "Papers on Reclamation of Saline Land".

The page titled "Reclamation of Saline Land - Heritage Project - A.R. Coad - Contents of Box File" refers to the papers contained in Series 2 - "Heritage Project - Reclamation of Saline Land".

The two pages titled "Letters, Notes and Publications re: Agricultural Land Management and Salinity" refer to the papers contained in Series 3 - "Letters, Notes and Publications".

Creator Coad, Alan Rawle
Date range 1995? - 2002    Quantity 0.5 cm, 1 file
Formats CV and Lists
Inventory Identifier COAR0058 Box Number 4 Series 4

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