Series 5 - Sound Recordings

Date Range1964? - 1989?
Quantity17 cm, 4 files
ProvenanceJohn Williamson Legge

Includes 48 audio cassettes. Records contain audio recordings of CR Science Programs prepared by J. Legge, including unidentified people and some unrelated recordings.

Inventory Listing

LEGG00141 Audio Recordings 1984? - 1989?

Includes 13 audio cassettes, as follows:

Tape 1. Side1: CR Science. Barry Butcher from Deakin University talks about Western Science and the Third World. Margaret and Andrea talk about occupational injuries. Side 2: CR Science News Program. Review of the articles from 'New Scientist' by Linden Gilbank? and David William. 1985?;

Tape 2. The speakers includes J. W. Legge and some unidentified people;

Tape 3. Program on politics and scientists. 1988?;

Tape 4. CR Science Program. J. W. Legge reads 'Gold Makers' by G. Haldane;

Tape 5. CR Science Programs. Margaret and Marta talk about the American Indian people and diabeties, information about accidental nuclear war, British shopping bag and its ergonomics. Interview with Rob Robothan from Melbourne University on effect of radiation (Chernobyl). Barry Butcher and Max Charlesworth from Deakin University discuss some of the issues of peace. J. W. Legge talke about science in the home. 1986?;

Tape 6. CR Science. J. W. Legge talks about catastrophers, nuclear war, and peace. 1984? J. W. Legge interviews unidentified person about Government Act on industrial accidents and diseases;

Tape 7. CR Science. J. W. Legge discusses information about women and sports. Second talk of J. W. Legge on natural catastrophers;

Tape 8. CR Science. Side 1.Third talk of J. W. Legge on natural catastrophers. Side 2. Unidentified people;

Tape 9. J. W. Legge and some unidentified people;

Tape 10. CR Science. H. Higgens talks about sweetness and the shape of the molecules. S. Gilbert presents a fiction based on the book 'The year of the angry rabbit'. They also have the articles on the rifles and the pistols in a home, the users of the libraries and some other news from the world of science;

Tape 11. CR Science. 1988? J. Legge with news and comments. News from H. Higgens and J. Legge. Gerry Hucon talks on the national time charging for the phone calls. J. Legge and Vicky Russo talk on the evolution and the origin of the universe;

Tape 12. CR Science. J. Legge. Includes his first program after the stroke;

Tape 13. CR Science with J. Legge and Andrea. News about commercialisation and science, pesticides, early migration to South America, the research into the ozone layer, trading partners. CR Science. J. Legge with review of the book 'Mismeasure of Man' by Stephen Jay Gould. CR Science. J. Legge conducts a discussion on the role of science in education. Blanche Murds reviews of 'Professions in the nuclear age' 1989?. CR Science. J. Legge and S. Gilbert with news. Unidentified person.

Date Range 1984? - 1989?    Quantity 4.5 cm, 1 File
Inventory Identifier LEGG00141 Box Number 12 Series 5
LEGG00142 Audio Recordings 1981? - 1988?

Includes 13 audio cassettes, as follows:

Tape 1. J. Legge's memoirs (his own political history);

Tape 2. Blanche Murds. Some unidentified people. J. Legge with news;

Tape 3. Music;

Tape 4. J. Legge and some unidentified person. (on AASW) 1981?;

Tape 5. CR Science. J. Legge reads some articles of G. Haldane. Some unidentified people. J. Legge talks about Lucretius and his 'Concerning the Nature of Things'. Unidentified person talks about glass;

Tape 6. CR Science. J. Legge talks on C. Darwin and his book 'The Origin of Species'. 1982. CR Science news program. 1983;

Tape 7. 3CR with Jack Legge. CR Science. J. Legge with news and comments;

Tape 8. CR Science. J. Legge and Rob tribute to Peter Mason. Unidentified person;

Tape 9. CR Science. J. Legge with the history of the speculations and the experiments of the origin of life on earth. CR Science (low quality of recording) 1982. CR Science. J. Legge continues his program on 'The Origin of Species' by C. Darwin. 3CR Program;

Tape 10. CR Science Program. J. Legge and Kerry with news on CIA brainwashing experiments, offshore banking, sudden death on the squash court, acid rains. 1984? CR Science with Marta and Cris. CR Science program with Kerry on sugar industries;

Tape 11. J. Legge discusses some problems of soil and water 1987. CR Science. J. Legge and Hunly Higgins with issues on biological control, ozone layer, soviet science, comments on ancient era 1988. CR Science with Steven. CR Science news with Marta and Linden 1987?;

Tape 12. CR Science. Andrea with issue of elctromagnetic radiation and health. Andrea with program on Vietnam Veterans Association and Royal Commission. Unidentified person talks on weather and climate. 3CR session about technology and Murphy's Law;

Tape 13. CR Science. J. Legge interviews Frank on issue of invention. CR Science. J Legge on the Daedelus and Icarus flight. CR Science. J. Legge with Frances on issue of ozone layer. CR Science. J. Legge and Huntly Higgens with the talk on Pugwash movement and 38 Pugwash conference in USSR.

Date Range 1981? - 1988?    Quantity 4.5 cm, 1 File
Inventory Identifier LEGG00142 Box Number 12 Series 5
LEGG00143 Audio Recordings 1976? - 1989?

Includes 10 audio cassette, as follows:

Tape 1. CR Science with Huntly Higgens. CR Science. Frances with news 1989. CR Science J. Legge and Bob with news;

Tape 2. Hans Krebs? tallks on research of metabolism. 1976?;

Tape 3. Andrea interviews Director of Commission for the future. SR Science. Program on premenstrual syndrome. Talks on issue of diet. 1987?;

Tape 4. CR Science. Pam Atkinson with issue on genetic engineering. CR Science news with J. Legge and Huntly Higgins. Unidentified person talks about A. Einstein. CR Science. Unidentified person talks about genes;

Tape 5. Side1. J. Legge talks about Russian physist Peter Kapitsa. SideC2. Program on the problem of evolution of human speech. Program on problems of education of scientists;

Tape 6. Sir R. Robinson, President of the Australian Academy of Science, talks on the role of science in human life. 3CR Program. P. Mitchell with news and comments. CR Science. J. Legge continues his talk on the subject of genetic engineering;

Tape 7. Side 1. Science Book Shop edition with the discussion of the question is it possible to be a good scientist and politically active citizen and other issues. Side 2. Discussion on the subject of evolution and darwinism. (Dr. Richard Dawkins and Prof. Stephen Jay Gould);

Tape 8. Side 1. J. Legge and Kerry with news on the nerve growth, tropical forests, greenhouse effect. J. Legge talks about food and radiation.1986? 3 CR. Radio conference on the nuclear winter. Side 2. 3 CR Science. Huntly Higgens presents the program on the effect of the gases in an atmosphere and ozone layer. 1987?. CR Science. J. Legge with news. Continuation of Radio conference on the nuclear winter;

Tape 9. J. Legge;

Tape 10. Unidentified person. ['Silksworth'. Dispute 1937. Vic. Bird 1986].

Date Range 1976? - 1989?, No date    Quantity 3 cm, 1 File
Inventory Identifier LEGG00143 Box Number 12 Series 5
LEGG00144 Audio Recordings 1978? - 1987?

Includes 12 audio cassette, as follows:

Tape 1. Unidentified people talk about G. Haldane;

Tape 2. J. Legge talks on making diamonds and other issues;

Tape 3. 1 Side. Music. 2 Side. SR Science. J. Legge with news and review of periodicals.1987?;

Tape 4. Program about J. D. Benal. CR Science Program on study of platypus. CR Science News. ABC Radio National. Program on electricity industry. Program with comments on budget, industrial relations and other issues;

Tape 5. Side 1. CR Science. J. legge talks on theory of evolution and Charles Darwin. CR Science Program on nutrition with J. Legge and Pam. Program on legal aid. Side 2. Program on science, war and peace;

Tape 6. Lecture of Hans Krebs (low quality of recording) 1978?;

Tape 7. No recording;

Tape 8. Music;

Tape 9. Review of the books (low quality of recording). News. CR Science (low quality of recording);

Tape 10. J. Legge with news and comments for CR Science: issue of women and sport. J. Legge and Dr. A. Roberts talk about greenhouse effect. CR Science with a few comments on research about repetition or rediscussion of some of natural poisons which lead to chemical transmission between insects and insects, insects and plants, plants and plants. CR Science. David Sazuki talks on the interface between scientists and general public. J. Legge;

Tape 11. Unidentified people;

Tape 12. Unidentified children with irrelevant recording.

Date Range 1978? - 1987?    Quantity 4.5 cm, 1 File
Inventory Identifier LEGG00144 Box Number 12 Series 5

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