Series List and Summary Descriptions

Series 1 General Correspondence

Includes miscellaneous correspondence and letters of condolence. Most of the papers in this series are of a personal nature.

Date Range: 1975? - 1995   Quantity: 34.5 cm, 32 files
Provenance: John Williamson Legge


Series 2 Publications By J. W. Legge

Includes various papers and articles, mostly written by J. W. Legge.

Date Range: 1943 - 1987   Quantity: 34.5 cm, 33 files
Provenance: John Williamson Legge


Series 3 Miscellaneous Records
Includes Material Related To Australian Field Trials With Mustard Gas.

This Series includes material related to Australian Field Trials with Mustard Gas, Legge's MSc Thesis and National Health and Medical Research Council Grant, Scientific Liaison Bureau, J. W. Legge's Certificate of Matriculation, interview with Legge, draft of a script titled 'Anti-Communism Begins at Home: The Petrov Affair and Australian Mccarthyism', correspondence with Maurice Maunder, Joan and Ivy F. Hart, newspaper clippings, photos, reports and publications.

Date Range: 1941 - 1988   Quantity: 30 cm, 22 files
Provenance: John Williamson Legge


Series 4 Personal Files
Includes Material Related To 'Biochemical Arithmetic'

Includes draft copies of the chapters of John Williamson Legge's book entitled 'Biochemical Arithmetic'. Also includes drafts of other autobiographical, political and scientific writings, handritten notes, and diverse lecture notes.

Date Range: 1935? - 1995?   Quantity: 89 cm, 60 files
Provenance: John Williamson Legge


Series 5 Sound Recordings

Includes 48 audio cassettes. Records contain audio recordings of CR Science Programs prepared by J. Legge, including unidentified people and some unrelated recordings.

Date Range: 1964? - 1989?   Quantity: 17 cm, 4 files
Provenance: John Williamson Legge


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