Series 14 - General Correspondence

Date Range1869 - 1983
Quantity18.9 cm, 9 files
ProvenanceJohn Cecil Le Souëf

This series contains correspondence, cards and newspaper clippings. It includes a number of letters and greeting cards received by Mary Le Souëf after the death of J.C. Le Souëf, tributes published in newspapers, correspondence relating to the publication of J.C. Le Souëf's "Zooie Nature Book" series, letters and cards of acceptance to Mary and J.C. Le Souëf's wedding, correspondence to J.C. Le Souëf and Aline Seely regarding the death of their mother Edith Evelyn Le Souëf, letters to J.D. Wilkie following his accident, correspondence regarding the estates of Eva Wales Nixon [Le Souëf] and the death of Lancelot Le Souëf, J.C. Le Souëf's employment; and real estate. Also found within this series is a certificate belonging to J.C. Le Souëf from the Royal Agricultural Society and a 3LO radio script.

Inventory Listing

14-001 Mainly Real Estate

This file consists of approximately 30 letters to J.C. Le Souëf regarding the purchasing of land and the rent of homes around the Mornington Peninsula. Also includes a number of receipts from Home Help (1 envelope); "Australian Wildlife and Wildflowers" Calendar, 1978; and a copy of the Estate Agents Act, 1956.

Creator Le Souëf Family
Date range 1954 - 1958    Quantity 1.5 cm, 1 file
Formats General Correspondence, Ephemera, News Clippings and Notebooks
Inventory Identifier A037 Box Number 42 Series 14
14-002 Letters of Condolence and Memorial Booklet for J.C. Le Souëf

This file contains letters and cards of condolences to Mary Le Souëf and Family from: Robyn and Eric Worrell; John and Bev, fruit shop opposite Marine Park; the Ketts; Mary and Keith; Norma Harrison; Q. and B. Hazard; Rosalie; Alex Burnes; Peter Carwardine; Joan; Wendy and John Parkin; Barbs and Max Moulds; Norma and Bill Peters; David and Joyce; Jean Cocks; Mae and Dave Wall; Ray, Nola, Ian and Susan; June and Ian Robertson; Ron and Lynne Caleman; Bill and Sally Speidie; Jean and Gordon Sloane; Jean and Will Frost; the Roldigers; members of the Meals on Wheels organisation; members of the Opportunity Shop Committee; Francine (Mary's niece); Ern and Betty Jemaings; Ted and Yvonne Wilson; Fran Jones; Vera; Woody family; Terry and Marion Cook; Tom and Flora Greaves; Billie Walker; Mrs Bullen and George Lane; Nelson family; Dot Penden; Moore family; Lesily and Alan Martin; Briggs family; Terry family; Joanna, Tony and the boys; Margaret Brown; Greg and Alice; Lorraine and Charlie Collison; member of the Southern Peninsula Community Fund; Dorothy Sutcliffe; Molly Taylor; Stewart Family; Bill Kilborn; Mildred Nicholson; Robert Lucas; David and June Williamson, Bruce Batterham; Grant and Barbara Miller; Kay (niece of Mary); G.B. Monteith; Joy; Heather and Clive Pratt; Pat; Julie and Ross; the Liberal Party of Australia Rye Branch; Mal; Maree Matthews; Andrew; Dorothy and Graham Johnson; M. Callonder; Shane; Ken Oldmeadow; the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron; Beryl Sutton; Rosemary Smith; Tim, La Trobe University; Ron and Audrey; Murray Upston; Phillip Lynch; Tom Greaves; Charles McCubbin; the Patterson Family; Dorothy Tribe; Joy and David Reynon and Jack Ritchie.

Also newspaper articles: "Honour Guard for Zoo Le Souëf", The Southern Peninsula Gazette, 7 July 1982, 4 copies; "Rotary Round-Up", Mornington Leader, 15 July 1982; and "Le Souëf Collection Goes to Canberra", The Southern Peninsula Gazette, 29 June 1983. Memorial Record presented by Rosebud Funerals which includes signatures from the bearers and guests of the funeral service.

And gifts made to the National Heart Foundation in memory of J.C. Le Souëf from: D.F. Tapson; the Field family; Mr and Mrs T. New; Mr and Mrs D.J. Stewart; Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Ltd; S.F. Howarth; Liberal Party of Australia, Rye Branch; Rotary Club of Rosebud; Entomological Society of Victoria; Joy and Gordon Burns.

Creator Le Souëf Family
Date range 1978 - 1983, most 1982    Quantity 7 cm, 1 file
Formats General Correspondence, Ephemera and News Clippings
Inventory Identifier A067 Box Number 42 Series 14
14-003 J.C. Le Souëf. - Publications

This file contains correspondence (25) between J.C. Le Souëf and John Sands Limited Printer and Stationers, regarding the publication of "Zooie Nature Book" series. Also includes draft copies of "The Kookaburra. A weekend in the country" and "A Camp in Among the Koalas" by J.C. Le Souëf.

Also contains three letters, one addressed to Mr Langley about moths; one addressed to The secretary, Ports and Harbours Dept., Treasury Gardens, Melbourne concerning an application for an extension of the option on a lease of portion of the St. Kilda foreshore for the purpose of erecting an aquarium, dated 10.8.38; and one addressed to The Secretary, Department of Public Works, Treasury Gardens, Melbourne concerning the granting of a lease, dated 27.3.38.

Creator Le Souëf Family
Date range 1933 - 1938    Quantity 0.6 cm, 1 file
Formats General Publications, Accounts and Drafts
Inventory Identifier A098 Box Number 42 Series 14
14-004 J.C. Le Souëf - Employment

This file contains correspondence relating to J.C. Le Souëf's work, in particular during the period he worked as a freelance writer on natural history. Includes letters from Angus and Robertson Ltd Publishers and Booksellers; The Argus, The Star; The Advertiser; Digest Publishing; The Herald; The Daily News, Western Australia; National Geographic Society, Washington D.C.;World Radio Journal; The Australian Women's Weekly; Thomas C. Lothian Publisher's Representatives; Smiths Newspaper Ltd. The Sydney Morning Herald and the Sydney Mail; N.M. Seward; Fisheries and Game, Chief Inspector; The St Kilda News; The Telegraphy; and The Sydney Mail, sub-editor. Other letters include those from the Australian Broadcasting Commission; President of the Zoological Gardens Committee regarding position at South Perth Zoo as curator; Radio program, managing editor regarding appointment as advertising representative; The Royal Zoological and Acclimatization Society of Victoria regarding position as Honorary Assistant Director; Minister of Trade and Customs regarding exporting of nature fauna; Department of Public Works in relation to the erection of an aquarium at St Kilda Jetty; and Mr Simmons of Rockhampton Botanic Gardens regarding purchasing of stock for small zoo at home.

Also includes correspondence relating to the divorce of J.C. Le Souëf to his first wife Dumel White Le Souëf; letter from the Society of Australian Authors, The Australian Literature Society; certificates to J.C. Le Souëf for Registrar-General of Registration of an Individual, Business Names Act 1928 and Seargent's Certificate and Corporal Certificates, Australian Military Forces; and references from City Radio Salesman for Simmons Ltd and Dalgety and Company Ltd.

Creator Le Souëf Family
Date range 1932 - 1939    Quantity 3.4 cm, 1 file
Formats Accounts, General Correspondence, Drafts, Ephemera and Lists
Inventory Identifier A099 Box Number 42 Series 14
14-005 J.C. Le Souëf and Mary Clarke - Wedding Letters

This file contains approximately 65 letters and cards replying to the invitation for J.C. Le Souëf and Mary Clarke's marriage. Letters are directed to Mr and Mrs Clarke, Mr and Mrs Le Souëf and to Mary and J.C. Le Souëf. Also includes copies (4) of Mary and J.C. Le Souëf's wedding invitation; wedding invitation list; and 15 telegrams congratulating Mary and J.C. Le Souëf on their wedding day.

Creator Le Souëf Family
Date range 1941    Quantity 1.9 cm, 1 file
Formats General Correspondence and Ephemera
Inventory Identifier A119 Box Number 42 Series 14
14-006 J.C. Le Souëf File - Danks

This file contains a number of letters to J.C. Le Souëf and Aline Seeley (J.C. Le Souëf's sister) mostly regarding the death of their mother. Also includes greeting cards; a second prize certificate to J.C. Le Souëf from the Royal Agricultural Society; a copy of "The Bethel Electric Medical Baths" 1891; and the transcript of J.C. Le Souëf's radio show titled "Zooie" for the Young People's Session, 17 November 1938.

Creator Le Souëf Family
Date range 1869 - 1955, mostly 1955    Quantity 2 cm, 1 file
Formats General Publications, Accounts, General Correspondence, Drafts, Ephemera, News Clippings and Loose Notes
Inventory Identifier A131 Box Number 42 Series 14
14-007 A.S. Le Souëf - Estates of Eva Wales Nixon and Lancelot Le Souëf

This file contains correspondence regarding the will of Eva Wales Nixon [Le Souëf] to Una Falkiner, Eric Backhouse, Madge Backhouse, J.C. Le Souëf and R. Grant; list of the effects of the late Eva Wales Nixon; correspondence between A.S. Le Souëf and Weigall and Crowther Solicitors regarding the estate of Eva Wales Nixon; copy of Eva Wales Nixon's First Codicil to the Last Will and Testament; and correspondence from Wilson Heriot (Barrister and Solicitors) to A.S. Le Souëf regarding the death and estate of Lancelot Le Souëf.

Creator Le Souëf Family
Date range 1943 - 1944    Quantity 0.7 cm, 1 file
Formats Accounts, General Correspondence and Legal Documents
Inventory Identifier A135 Box Number 42 Series 14
14-008 J.C. Le Souëf - Christmas Card, Drafts of Articles

File contains 13 christmas cards to Mary and J.C. Le Souëf; 3 drafts of short stories or articles titled "The Aboriginal Chef: Getting and Cooking the Food", "Monkeys in the Limelight" and "Toronga's Celebrities: The Loss of the Famous Freddie" by J.C. Le Souëf, undated. Also includes bulletin no. 1, "The National Fitness Campaign" issued by the National Fitness Council of Victoria (6 copies), undated; and a letter to Mr Backhouse from S.W. Mission and Bartley regarding Smith Bros, 14 December 1966.

Creator Le Souëf Family
Date range 1947 - 1949    Quantity 0.8 cm, 1 file
Formats General Correspondence, Drafts and Ephemera
Inventory Identifier A136 Box Number 42 Series 14
14-009 Letters to J.D. Wilkie Following his Accident with a Tram

This file consists of correspondence (21) to Mr J.D. Wilkie from the public (mostly from children), August 1917, regarding his accident with a tram and sending best wishes for his recovery.

Creator Le Souëf Family
Date range 1917    Quantity 1 cm, 1 file
Formats General Publications and General Correspondence
Inventory Identifier A190 Box Number 42 Series 14

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