Provenance - Creators and Custodians

1 Professor Michael Harvey Briggs
Date Range: 20 August 1935 - 1986

Michael Harvey Briggs was a Professor of Human Biology at Deakin University, Victoria, Australia, whose career came to an end in the mid-1980s in a public and controversial case of scientific fraud.

2 Professor Frederic Raphael Jevons, AO
Date Range: 19 September 1929 -

Professor Fred Jevons was Vice-Chancellor at Deakin University from 1976 to 1985. He was closely involved in investigating the scientific fraud allegations made against Michael Briggs.

3 Dr Jan Anthony Sapp
Date Range: 1 June 1954 -

Dr Jan Sapp is a historian of science who gathered together the records documented in this guide for a research project on scientific fraud.

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