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1 Sloman, Arthur Raymond
Date Range: 1915 - 1997

Arthur Raymond (Ray) Sloman worked in Burnie, Tasmania, for Associated Pulp and Paper Mills (APPM) from 1939 to 1965, as a researcher and as a pulp and paper chemist.

Ray Sloman developed and patented two innovations in chemical wood pulping - the "two stage cook" and the "continuous counter-current cook". Continuous counter-current cooking was to become the standard technique for chemical wood pulping. From 1965 until 1971 Sloman was a partner with a Melbourne consulting engineering busineess, Burghart, Sloman and Associates, in which APPM was the third partner. From 1971 to 1982 he was a consultant to the pulp and paper industry.

2 Associated Pulp and Paper Mills Ltd. (APPM)
Date Range: 1936 - 1993

APPM was established in 1936 by companies associated with the Collins House Group to undertake wood pulp and paper production at Burnie, Tasmania. The company merged with APM in 1993 to form Amcor Ltd.

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