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Week 11: Intranets, Email and Digital Work

Lecturer: Gavan McCarthy
Image of Week 11: Intranets, Email and Digital Work
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Date: 20 Oct 2004 1pm
Location: Old Arts Theatre B
Application of principles covered in previous weeks to the digital work environment.

Lecture Notes

Tutorial Exercises

  • Does your email system comply with the Australian Standard for Records Management requirements for full and accurate records as outlined in Lecture 5? What requirements does it meet? What requirements does it fail? Are there steps you can take to improve compliance?
  • Discuss the risks and benefits of the new information rights management (IRM) functionality in Outlook 2003 that will allow users to set permissions to stop recipients forwarding, printing or copying emails, and also allow for email to have expiry dates after which they can no longer be viewed or otherwise acted upon.
  • The Electronic Laboratory Notebook - any closer to its paper counterpart?
  • Metadata and Intranets - What role can metadata play in the management of an intranet? Is it worth the effort?

Lab Exercise

  • Can you view your email files WITHOUT using your email software? Is all the content, structure and context there? Send your comments to WebRAFT.
  • With reference to netiquette resources, write a set of guidelines for this online discussion forum.
  • How much business is being transacted on the Web? What is your source? How did you find it? What is its authority? Can you trust it?

Review Questions

  1. What are the differences between the Internet and intranets? What are the similarities?
  2. What are three dos and don'ts with email?
  3. Discuss why the advice 'Delete your email regularly' may be problematic?
  4. Why are current email systems problematic for recordkeeping?
  5. Describe the VERS model for a record object.
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