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School of Chemistry (1886 - )

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Title:University of Melbourne, Department of Chemistry - Records
Reference:Various Accessions
Date Range:1875 - 1978

Includes Assessments of students, mark-books, teaching slides; roll book 1936-1944; glass slides. Material taken by Joan Radford in the course of writing "The Chemistry Department of the University of Melbourne, its contribution to Australian Science 1854-1959, Melbourne 1978, comprising notes taken by George Higgins of Professor J.D. Kirkland's lectures and practical classes 1875-1878; notes taken by F.W. Clendinnen in Natural Philosophy 11 (1916) and Chemistry 111 (1917); mark books 1938-1968; marking schemes, instructions to demonstrators, tests 1934-1973; slides used for lectures, lists with descriptions of experiments for Chemistry 1 (1930); reprints of journal articles; record of platinum stock c.1903-1941; orders of laboratory supplies 1906-1908; material, equipment and results of experiments carries out in the department during both world wars, including optical glass produced by E.J. Hartung 1941; brochures from equipment suppliers c. 1912-1920s; photographs of students 1954- 1967; manuscripts of talks amd preliminary papers by Joan Radford.

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