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O'Donnell, Thomas Aloysius

Prof., PhD DSc FRACI
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Inorganic chemist

After several years with industry and the CSIRO, O'Donnell pursued a teaching career with the University of Melbourne. He was Professor in Inorganic Chemistry 1979 - 1988.

Career Highlights

O'Donnell's pioneered the introduction of an original system of quantitative analysis performed on a semi-micro scale which was subsequently adopted by chemistry departments around the world. At the University of Melbourne, he equipped a special laboratory for the study of fluorine, and together with a group of post-graduate workers, developed new techniques for manipulating and analysing fluorine and other very reactive materials.


BSc, University of Melbourne


MSc, University of Melbourne


PhD for experimental work involving measurements of the extremely small vapour pressures of the metals cadmium and bismuth.


Royal Society and Nuffield Foundation Commonwealth Bursar


Fulbright Senior Research Scholar, University of Melbourne

1979 - 1988

Professor in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Melbourne


Professor Emeritus, University of Melbourne

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