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Clark, Donald (1864 - 1932)

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Science educator
Born: 17 February 1864  Ashby?, Victoria, Australia.  Died: 7 April 1932.

Clark, an engineering graduate of the University of Melbourne, became foundation Director of the Bairnsdale District School of Mines in 1890. He lectured at the University of Melbourne in 1910 in metallurgy and from 1911 was Chief Inspector of Technical Schools.

Career Highlights

Born Ashby, Victoria, 17 February 1864. Died Melbourne, 7 April 1932. Educated University of Melbourne (BCE 1889, Master of Mining Engineering 1907). Surveyor's assistant 1883-85; foundation director, Bairnsdale District School of Mines 1890-1906; director, Bendigo School of Mines and Industries 1907-09; lecturer in metallurgy, University of Melbourne 1910; first chief inspector of technical schools 1911-30. Patented a process for the treatment of gold slimes by the nitre cake method 1905. Largely responsible for the junior technical schools as an integral part of the Victorian post-primary education structure. Wrote "Australian Mining and Metallurgy" 1904, "Gold Refining" 1909 and three important booklets on technical education between 1923 and 1929.

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