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Feutrill, Geoffrey Ian (1945 - 1987)

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Organic chemist
Born: 1945  Western Australia, Australia.  Died: 4 July 1987.

Feutrill was a senior lecturer in organic chemistry at the University of Melbourne from 1981 until his accidental death in 1987 in the United States while on study leave at Smith Kline and French Laboratories.

Career Highlights

Born 1945. Died 4 July 1987. Educated Universities of Western Australia (PhD 1972) and Melbourne (Dip Ed 1976). Postdoctoral experience, University of Sussex, senior demonstrator in organic chemistry, University of Melbourne 1973-81, senior lecturer 1981-87. Chairman, Victorian Organic Group Committee, Royal Australian Chemical Institute 1979-80. Commemorated by Feutrill Prize, instituted by Organic Division of Royal Australian Chemical Institute for best student-presented paper at their annual conference, and a student award and a named lecture at the University of Melbourne.

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