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Catalogue of Items in Weather News, Issues No. 1-262, August 1956 - December 1982


The METARCH project seeks to identify and catalogue archival material relevant to the history of meteorology in Australia. The development of the catalogue will not only assist those seeking historical material but will emphasise the importance of identifying and preserving it. Eventually the catalogue will include reference to all forms of printed matter both published and unpublished, photographs and other pictorial items, sound recordings of talks and reminiscences, meteorological instruments and equipment and other equipment with meteorological applications and memorabilia associated with meteorology.

This volume, METARCH Papers No. 1, consists of explanatory notes and a catalogue and index of items appearing in the Bureau of Meteorology's house journal Weather News Numbers 1 to 262 issued between August 1956 and December 1982. Weather News more than any other single publication has, in the 30 years since its inception, chronicled the development of the Bureau of Meteorology in particular.

Dr W. J. Gibbs, O.B.E., former Director of Meteorology, has largely been responsible in his capacity as Honorary Archivist for the preparation of this, the first, publication of the METARCH project. He has had valuable assistance and advice from officers of the Bureau of Meteorology's Executive Branch, in particular the Public Relations Officer, and the Publications Subsection.

I hope the production of this document will stimulate further interest in this important area and assist in bringing the METARCH project to fruition.

Director of Meteorology

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'Catalogue of Items in Weather News, Issues No. 1-262, August 1956 - December 1982', Metarch Papers, No. 1 February 1986, Bureau of Meteorology

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