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Notes Prepared by John Hogan


I Join the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology

H. A. Hunt (1866–1946) — First Commonwealth Meteorologist

Inigo Jones (1872–1954)

Griffith Taylor, D.SC, B.E., B.A. (1880–1963)

Edward Kidson, O.B.E., D.Sc., F. Inst. P. (1882–1939)

My Recollections of Captain Edward Kidson (R.E) O.B.E, D.Sc., F. Inst. P. (1882–1939)

Macquarie Island

Willis Island


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Edward Kidson, O.B.E., D.Sc., F. Inst. P. (1882–1939) (continued)

In the same year he was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Physics; he was also a member of the Australian Marine Research Council and of the Royal Society of Victoria. He played a prominent part (in Meteorology) at meetings of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, three of which he attended while in Australia.

Most of his many scientific papers were published in the Reports of A.A.A.S., and the quarterly journal of the Royal Meteorological Society and later, when in New Zealand, by the New Zealand Journal of Science and Technology.

While in Melbourne, Kidson formed a close friendship with Professor T. Laby of the Melbourne University and Dr J. M. Baldwin, the Victorian Government Astronomer. Collectively these three exerted considerable influence, through scientific bodies (or individually) in maintaining a high standard of natural philosophy in Victoria.

It was at a meeting of the A.A.A.S, which Kidson, from New Zealand attended, that he was instrumental in having a paper by Inigo Jones deleted from the Agenda (no doubt with the support of Laby and Baldwin). A section of the Press sympathetic to Jones, did not react kindly to this action, and even fifteen years later their criticism had not abated. For in the Sydney Press it was reported that Inigo Jones had been banned by meteorologists of the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology.

When Hunt's retirement was imminent, the appointment of Kidson as his successor was urged by some Australian scientists, and the position of Commonwealth Meteorologist was offered him. However, the terms of the offer were not acceptable to him, and he declined it. Moreover, at that time his whole interest was in New Zealand. (When Hunt did retire H. Barkley was appointed by the Minister at the time but W. S. Watt was successful in an appeal to the Public Service Board, and thus followed Hunt as Commonwealth Meteorologist. When Watt's term of service came to a close, moves were again made to secure Kidson's services for Australia. Kidson was in Canberra on this occasion at a meeting of A.A.A.S.; but nothing came of these suggestions.)

Organisations in Australian Science at Work - Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science

People in Bright Sparcs - Baldwin, Joseph Mason; Hogan, John; Hunt, Henry Ambrose ; Jones, Inigo Owen; Kidson, Edward; Laby, Thomas Howell; Watt, William Shand

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Hogan, J. 1986 'Notes Prepared by John Hogan (1896-1970)', Metarch Papers, No. 2 March 1986, Bureau of Meteorology

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