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The Life of George Grant Bond Early Queensland Weather Forecaster


The federation of the colonies of New South Wales, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria in 1901 resulted in the transfer of responsibility from the colonies/States to the Commonwealth of a number of functions including provision of meteorological services. Although there are many logical arguments supporting the allocation of such functions to the Commonwealth rather than the States the transfer caused many difficulties, not the least of which was that resulting from the delay in formalising the transfer. It was not until 1906 that a Meteorology Bill was enacted by the Federal Parliament and in the interregnum meteorological services were somewhat in limbo. The history of this period is not well documented so the efforts of the children of George Grant Bond in writing an account of his life are of particular interest to meteorologists, as Bond joined the Queensland colonial meteorological service in 1892 and was appointed as the first Divisional Meteorologist for Queensland in the newly created Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology in 1908. He retired from that position in 1934 after having served in the Brisbane office for 42 years, except for a period when the colonial meteorological office was disbanded before the Commonwealth Bureau was formed.

This volume (Metarch Papers No. 3) contains excerpts from the account of the life of George Grant Bond by Dorothy Spinks and Isabel Haynes. Chapters 5 to 9 inclusive have been reproduced unabridged and excerpts from Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10 have been included. Nothing of Chapters 11 and 12 appears in this volume. The material included is related to the career of George Bond as a meteorologist. A copy of the complete text will be preserved in the Metarch archives of the Bureau of Meteorology.

Harold G. Bond, the elder son of George, joined the Bureau of Meteorology in 1939, and retired from the service in 1972 after a number of years in charge of the Bureau's Tasmanian office. Thus father and son between them gave about 70 years service to Australian meteorology. Item 1216 of the Bureau's house journal Weather News (issue No. 127, February 1967) and item 2292 (issue No. 190, June 1972) provide information on the careers of George and Harold.

July 1986

W. J. Gibbs

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Spinks, D. and Haynes, I. 1986 'The Life of George Grant Bond Early Queensland Weather Forecaster', Metarch Papers, No. 3 October 1986, Bureau of Meteorology

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