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Glimpse of the RAAF Meteorological Service




Chapter 1: Growing Up

Chapter 2: Port Moresby Before Pearl Harbour

Chapter 3: Port Moresby After Pearl Harbour

Chapter 4: Allied Air Force HQ and RAAF Command, Brisbane

Chapter 5: Japan Surrenders and We Are Demobilised



Appendix 1: References

Appendix 2: Milestones

Appendix 3: Papers Published in Tropical Weather Research Bulletins

Appendix 4: Radiosonde Observations 1941–46


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Appendix 3: Papers Published in Tropical Weather Research Bulletins

No 1May1944
No 2Jul1944
No 3Aug1944
No 4Oct1944
No 5Nov1944
No 6Dec1944
No 7Feb1945
No 8Mar1945
No 9Apr1945
No 10Jun1945
No 11Aug1945
No 12Sep1945
No 13Nov1945
No 14Dec1945
No 15Apr1946


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  • Milthorpe, W. The use of 24 hour pressure changes and upper winds in the preparation of
    short-period forecasts for the Tadji-Wewak area
    , Vol 15

  • Miscellaneous Notes
    • Notes on discussions in N W Area, Vol 4

    • Collected notes on the weather over the New Guinea area during the doldrum period 1943–44, Vol 8

    • Collected notes on the weather over the New Guinea area during the SE season 1944, Vol 9

  • RAAF Command Research Notes
    • No 1; Relationship between upper winds and rainfall, Vol 6

    • No 2; Origin and movement of tropical cyclones, Vol 6

    • No 3; Effect of topography on weather—Borneo, Vol 9

    • No 4; Tracks of two tropical cyclones related to the general wind stream at 20,000 feet, Vol 9

    • No 5; Effect of topography on weather—Java, Vol 10

    • No 6; The prefrontal convergence zone, Vol 13

    • No 7; Non-frontal convergence zones.; Vol 14

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  • Treloar, H. M.
    • The origin of and meteorological situation associated with the NW monsoon in Australasian longitudes, Vol 9

    • Prebaratic charts—Use of Patterson's projection method applied to a special situation, Vol 11

    • An approximate conditional near-surface wind-pressure relation in low latitudes, Vol 12

  • White, R. C. L. Further observations on isallobars and their relation to tropical weather, Vol 5

People in Bright Sparcs - Ashton, Henry Tamblyn (Harry); Bahr, Victor John; Bath, Allen Tristram; Forder, Douglas Highmoor (Doug); Hannay, Alexander Keith (Keith); Holmes, Ralph Aubrey Edward

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Gibbs, W. J. 1995 'A Glimpse of the RAAF Meteorological Service', Metarch Papers, No. 7 March 1995, Bureau of Meteorology

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