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Federation and MeteorologyBureau of Meteorology
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History of Research in the Bureau of Meteorology




Chapter 1: Germination and Growth

Chapter 2: Struggle, Competition and Emergence

Appendix 1: Meteorology Act 1906

Appendix 2: Meteorology Act 1955

Appendix 3: Simpson Report

Appendix 4: Survey Questionnaire

Appendix 5: Bibliography



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Appendix 4: Survey Questionnaire

  1. When did you first join the Bureau and what was your position then?

  2. When did you move to Research Branch and to what position?

  3. How long did you remain there?

  4. What were the feelings towards CSIRO from within the Bureau generally and Research Branch, in particular? Did these change after the establishment of CMRC/ANMRC?

  5. Was there widespread discussion within the Bureau of the move for the creation of Research Scientist positions in the Bureau, as proposed by Gibbs in 1964? Why?

  6. Were you in the Bureau when CMRC was established? If so, whereabouts, before and after?

  7. How was this event perceived by you and your colleagues?

  8. Did it have any effect on the work of the Research Branch? How?

  9. How effective was CMRC as a scientific organisation?

  10. Did this alter with the change to ANMRC? In what way?

  11. If you worked for CMRC/ANMRC, how did you see relationships between the Centre and the Bureau/CSIRO?

  12. Should these bodies have had more/less independence from the Bureau/CSIRO? Why?

  13. Did the creation of these organisations have any effect on the Bureau's credibility as a scientific organisation? In what way?

  14. What finally led to the demise of ANMRC?

  15. Has the provision of Research Scientist positions within BMRC altered the perception of (i) the Centre or (ii) the Bureau within the Australian, or overseas scientific community?

  16. If you are now working for BMRC how do you perceive its relationship with the remainder of (i) the Bureau and (ii) CSIRO?

  17. Has the establishment of BMRC overcome the difficulties which you saw as affecting the Bureau's relationship with CMRC/ANMRC? In what way?

  18. In comparing the work of CMRC, ANMRC and BMRC do you believe that any one of them has been more successful from (i) a scientific or (ii) Bureau point of view?

  19. If you have had the opportunity to work for CSIRO, or any other research group outside the Bureau, how would you compare these organisations, in terms of their effectiveness as scientific bodies? Why?

  20. Any further comments.

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Gardner, J. 1997 'Stormy Weather: A History of Research in the Bureau of Meteorology', Metarch Papers, No. 11 December 1997, Bureau of Meteorology

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