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Federation and MeteorologyBureau of Meteorology
Table of Contents

Australian Meteorology through the 20th Century


The Origins of Australian Meteorology
In the Beginning
Australia's Meteorological Pioneers
The Lead-up to Federation

Meteorology in the 20th Century

The Weather and Climate of the Twentieth Century

The Great Weather and Climate Events of the Twentieth Century

A Century of Progress in Science and Service


Australian Meteorological Milestones of the 20th Century



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Figure 1 The Sound of Lightning: a Dreamtime Legend depicted by artist Ainslie Roberts. The Aborigines of northern Australia have a number of myths that explain the thunder, the lightning, the wet-season clouds and the rain. In the wet season, the thunder man Mamaragan, roaring with laughter, beats the great stones of the sky together. His laughter is the rolling thunder, the sharper crack of lightning is the sound of the stones striking each other and the lightning is the sparks flying from them. The rain caused by this disturbance falls to the thirsty earth and gives life and food to mankind and all other creatures.

  The Sound of Lightning

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