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Federation and MeteorologyBureau of Meteorology
Table of Contents

Australian Meteorology through the 20th Century


The Origins of Australian Meteorology

Meteorology in the 20th Century

The Weather and Climate of the Twentieth Century

The Great Weather and Climate Events of the Twentieth Century

A Century of Progress in Science and Service
Observing the Structure and Behaviour of the Atmosphere
Radar and Satellite Meteorology
Numerical Weather Prediction
Modelling of Climate
Service to the Community


Australian Meteorological Milestones of the 20th Century



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Figure 18 The S1 skill score (a measure of forecast error) for operational 24-hour prediction of mean sea-level pressure in the Australian region. The increasing skill is evident as an increasing margin over 'persistence', the forecast that would result from assuming that tomorrow's pattern will be the same as today's.

  S1 skill score

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