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Title Records of Brose, Henry Herman Leopold Adolph
Date Range 1893 - 1969
Creator John Jenkin
Extent 1.22 metres (100 items)
Repository Barr Smith Library, the University of Adelaide
Abstract Henry Herman Leopold Adolph Brose (1890-1965) was Rhodes Scholar for South Australia in 1913. He held a variety of academic positions before becoming a consultant biophysicist in Sydney 1939-1965. Between 1920 and 1936 he translated a number of German physics texts into English.

Administrative Information

In August 1998 the personal papers of Henry Brose where transferred to the Australian Science Archives Project by John Jenkin, who had been given the records by Brose's family on the condition that he find a good home for them after completing his biographical study. The papers were then accessioned.

In October 2003 John Jenkin transferred his collection of associated Brose papers, arising from his research work, to the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre (formerly the Australian Science Archives Project). These records were accessioned, then the entire collection was inventoried and a finding aid produced.

The collection was transferred to the Barr Smith Library at the University of Adelaide in March 2004.

  • The collection is comprised of records from 2 accessions. The codes used to uniquely identify each accession range from BROS1998/01 to BROS2003/01.

  • The records have been allocated to 10 series. The codes used to uniquely identify each series range from BROSS001 to BROSS010.

  • Through the processing of the records, 2 provenance entities were identified. The codes used to uniquely identify each provenance entity, i.e. records creator or custodian, range from BROSP01 to BROSP02.

  • The inventory covers 100 items, and may include records of continuing value, records sentenced for destruction and records that have been destroyed. The codes used to uniquely identify each inventory item range from BROS00001 to BROS00099. The total collection occupies 122 linear cm of shelf space (or its equivalent).

  • The documentation of the records at inventory level started on 20 October 2003. The latest additions were made on 23 October 2003. The latest modifications were made on 31 August 2007. This collection profile was updated on 8 November 2007.

Scope and Content

Henry Brose had a long and varied scientific career. He taught French in Adelaide before being awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 1913 and later translated German physics texts into English. He studied mathematics at Oxford and taught physics at the University of Sydney and University College Nottingham. When Einstein visited University College Nottingham in 1930 and 1931 Brose acted as his interpreter. Later Brose worked in cancer research, holding positions as a physicist, a pathologist and a biochemist. During World War I Brose was interned in Germany and during World War II he was interned in Sydney. The records cover Brose's life from his time as a student at the University of Adelaide to his later career in Sydney. There are also records of Brose's wife Jean, née Robertson, who was an actress.

Published by the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre on AustehcWeb, March 2004
Listed by Ailie Smith
HTML edition Ailie Smith
Updated 8 November 2007

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