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1 John Jenkin

John Jenkin, honorary associate of the Philosophy Program at La Trobe University, collected the records of Henry Brose and produced his entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography as well as an article about Brose in Historical Records of Australian Science.

2 Henry Herman Leopold Adolph Brose
Date Range: 15 September 1890 - 24 February 1965

Henry Brose had a long and varied scientific career. He taught French in Adelaide before being awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 1913 and later translated German physics texts into English. He studied mathematics at Oxford and taught physics at the University of Sydney and University College Nottingham. When Einstein visited University College Nottingham in 1930 and 1931 Brose acted as his interpreter. Later Brose worked in cancer research, holding positions as a physicist, a pathologist and a biochemist. During World War I Brose was interned in Germany and during World War II he was interned in Sydney.

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