Series List and Summary Descriptions

Series 1 Personal - Biographical

Biographical and personal information about Ian Brown and his family, including his wife Gwen, Mary Lowe Brown, Mary Gidlow Brown and W.D. Brown. Includes correspondence, news clippings, loose notes, photographs and official documents.

Date Range: 1859 - 1992   Quantity: 17 cm, 11 files
Provenance: Ian Brown Family


Series 2 Family Trees, Charts and Notes

Includes several large copies of Brown Family Trees, loose notes, news clippings and correespondence. Also some related family trees and information.

Date Range: 1800s - 1982   Quantity: 5.1 cm, 4 files, 1 bag
Provenance: Ian Brown Family


Series 3 Gilbert and Marie Brown Materials

Correspondence, loose photographs, photograph albums, diaries, notes, ephemera, scrap books and news clippings, relating to Gilbert and Marie Brown. Includes collection of letters from Marie Brown to her mother in England and Gilbert Brown's 1914 diary, entries cease on the day Marie arrives in Australia.

Date Range: 1880s - 1971   Quantity: 44.5 cm,
Provenance: Gilbert Brown


Series 4 Caroline (Carrie) Haase

News clippings, correspondence, books, photographs, postcard album and legal documents, relating to Caroline Haase, aunt of Gwen Brown. Includes book containing criticisms and news clippings about Miss Carrie Haase, 1903-1907.

Date Range: 1903 - 1967   Quantity: 14.9 cm, 3 files
Provenance: Ian Brown Family


Series 5 Photographs

Loose prints, mounted and framed black and white photographs of Ian Brown and family, some labelled. Family subjects, including early family photos, school, team and ski trip photos. Includes four albums of photographs.

Date Range: 1900s - 1940s   Quantity: 42.2 cm, 13 files, 4 albums
Provenance: Ian Brown Family


Series 6 Certificates

Ten Certificates awarded to Ian and Gilbert Brown, including university degrees, certificates of fellowship and Gilbert Brown's CBE.

Date Range: 1935 - 1953   Quantity: 1.4 cm, 10 bags
Provenance: Ian Brown Family


Series 7 Books

Collection of books belonging to Gilbert, Marie and Ian Brown.

Date Range: 1893 - 1947   Quantity: 29 cm, 1 archive box
Provenance: Ian Brown Family


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