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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 10

I 1. Introduction

II 2. The Role Of Technology

III 3. Some Highlights Of Australian Minerals Technology

IV 4. Other Technological Achievements (in brief)

V 5. Export Of Technology

VI 6. Education And Research

VII 7. The Scientific Societies

VIII 8. Conclusion



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8. Conclusion

The foregoing necessarily brief descriptions of technical developments in the Australian mineral industries (other than the energy industries covered in Chapter 11) have been abstracted from an extensive published historical and technological literature and from personal communications. Grateful acknowledgement is due to the following, amongst others whose contributions will be evident from the concluding 'References':

  • Dr H K Worner, for devising the initial framework of the Chapter and for his contributions to the Education and Research Section.
  • Professor Alban Lynch, for contributions on flotation and automatic controls, etc.
  • The technical staff of CRA and associates for information on iron ore, the aluminium industry and Bougainville Copper.
  • The technical staff of BHP and associates for information on the steel industry.
  • Mr J T Woodcock for constant advice on the content and arrangement of the Chapter.

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