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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
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Sir Lindesay Clark


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W. H. Algar
BSc, FRACI, FTSE, Formerly Assistant General-Manager-Technical, Australian Paper Manufacturers Ltd.
[Chapter 4]

J. H. Curtis
CB, BE(Hons), BSc, BA, FIE(Aust), FAIM, FTSE, Hon. Life Member IREE, Chairman AWA, Nortel Pty Ltd, D. Richardson & Sons Ltd Research and Policy Committee CEDA, A Governor International Council for Computer Communications, Formerly Managing Director Telecom Australia, Commissioner Overseas Telecommunications Commission.
[Chapter 8]

J. L. Farrands
CB, BSc, PhD, DIC, FInstP, FIE(Aust), CEng, ChPhys, FTSE, Formerly Secretary Dept of Science and Technology, Chief Defence Scientist, Chief Superintendent Aeronautical Research Laboratories, Superintendent of Research Materials Research Laboratories, Scientific Advisor to Military Board.
[Chapter 13]

K. T. H. Farrer
OBE, DSc, MA, CChem, FRSC, FRACI, FIFST, FAIFST, Guest Fellow NZIFST, FRSA, FTSE, Formerly Chief Scientist, Kraft Foods Ltd.
[Chapter 2]

Major-General K. D. Green
CB, OBE, ED, BCE, HonFIEAust, FICE, FASCE, FRAIPA, FTSE, Formerly Commissioner, Victorian State Rivers and Water Supply Commission, Secretary and Permanent Head, Department of the Premier, Victoria, and Chairman Steering Committee for the Water 2000 report.
[Chapter 3]

Sir John Holland
BCE, HonDEng, FIE(Aust), FAIB, FTSE, Founder and former Chairman of the John Holland Engineering and Construction Group, Foundation President of the Australian Federation of Construction Contractors.
[Chapter 6]

Sir Brian Inglis
BSc, MSAE(Aust), FTSE, Chairman Newmont Australia Limited, Aerospace Technologies of Australia Ltd, The Centre of Molecular Biology and Medicine Monash University, Scalzo Automotive Research Ltd, Director Amcor Ltd and former Chairman and Managing Director Ford Motor Company of Australia Ltd.
[Chapter 7]

J. E. Kolm
AO, IngChem, FAIM, FRACI, FIE(Aust), FTSE, Formerly Executive Director ICI Australia, Director Nylex Corporation, CSR-Chemicals, Catoleum, Chairman Victorian State Committee CSIRO, Chairman National Energy Research, Development and Demonstration Council, Director Beach Petroleum.
[Introduction and Chapter 9]

Sir Russel Madigan

Roger N. Morse
AO, BSc, BE, HonFIE(Aust), FAIE, HonMASME, FTSE, Solar Energy Consultant, Formerly Director Solar Energy Studies, CSIRO
[Chapter 11]

G. B. O'Malley
BMetE(Melb), HonMAusIMM, Formerly Managing Director, Cyanamid Australia Pty Ltd and Honorary Executive Officer Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
[Chapter 10]

Trevor Pearcey
DSc, FChis, ARCS, BSc, FBCS, FACS, MACM, FTSE, CSIRO Division of Radio Physics, Foundation Dean of Technology, Chisholm Institute of Technology.
[Chapter 8]

Lynette J. Peel
MAgrSc, PhD, author, lecturer and consultant in agricultural history and development. Research associate, Department of Agriculture, University of Reading, England.
[Chapter 1]

Gilbert M. Ralph
[Sir Lindesay Clark - An Appreciation]

P. N. Richards
ASMB, BMetE, ME, DAppSc, FASM, FIM, CEng, FTSE, Formerly General Manager, Research and Technology, BHP Steel International, Coated Products Division, Chairman National Standards Commission
[Chapter 12]

D. S. Taylor
GradDipElectComp, BA(Hons), BSc, PhD, FTSE, Formerly Chief, CSIRO Division of Textile Industry.
[Chapter 5]

Emeritus Professor D. E. Tribe
OBE, BSc(Agric), PhD. DAgrSc, HonDSc, FAIAS, FASAP, FTSE, Formerly Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Melbourne, and Executive Director, International Development Program of Australian Universities and Colleges.
[Chapter 1]

J. C. Wisdom
CEng, MMechE, FIE(Aust), MRAeSoc, Formerly Head, Engineering Development Establishment, Department of Defence, First Assistant Controller (Aeroscience) Department of Supply, Principal Research Scientist Aeronautical Research Laboratories
[Chapter 13]

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