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Tiegs, Oscar Werner (1897 - 1956)

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Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science
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Title:Oscar Werner Tiegs - Records
Reference:MS 76
Date Range:1918 - 1959

Correspondence, personal records and biographical material 1918-59; 11 plates of original drawings for `The development and affinities of the Pauropoda based on a study of Pauropus silvaticus' and 5 plates of original illustrations for `The Embryonic Development of Calandra oryzae' by Tiegs and F. Murray both published in the "Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science" Vol. 88, 1947 and Vol. 80, 1938 respectively [19 cm, MS 76].

Quantity:0.19 m
Access:Available for reference
Finding Aid(s):

'Tiegs, Oscar Werner - Ms 76', in Listing of Adolph Basser Library holdings, Australian Academy of Science, 1994, http://www.science.org.au/academy/basser/lists/ms076.txt.

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