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Spicer, Brian Milton (1928 - )

Prof. BSc MSc Hon (Melb)
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Physicist and Nuclear physicist
Born: 7 October 1928

Spicer was Professor of Physics at the University of Melbourne from 1965 - 1988, having graduated there BSc in 1950 and MSc 1952 with first class honours, sharing both the Dixson and Professor Kernot Research Scholarships. He was awarded the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy in 1956 and Doctor of Science in 1965. In 1960 Dr Spicer shared the David Syme Research Prize. Except for two years at the University of Illinois (1953-1955), Spicer was on the staff of the Physics School at University of Melbourne. He was a Reader in Physics from May 1961, and Associate Director of Nuclear Research from May 1962. Spicer was responsible for the installation of the Betatron, a machine which enabled study of the breakup of atomic nuclei under bombardment by either X-ray beams or beams of electrons. His principle research work was in the phot-nuclear field.

Career Highlights

Born 7 October 1928. Educated University of Melbourne (PhD, DSc). Lecturer in physics, University of Melbourne 1956-57, senior lecturer 1957-61, reader 1961-62, Associate Director of Nuclear Research 1962-65, Professor of Physics, University of Melbourne 1965-88, Chairman, School of Physics 1972-77. President, Baptist Union of Victoria 1979-80. David Syme Prize for Scientific Research (shared) 1960.

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