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Grimwade, Wilfred Russell (1879 - 1955)

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Chemist and Business executive
Born: 15 October 1879  Caulfield, Victoria, Australia.  Died: 2 November 1955.

Grimwade held directorships in many chemical companies. He was also a keen botanist, especially of the eucalypts and was official botanical adviser to the Army Department during World War II. His name is commemorated by the Western Australian orchid "Prasophyllum grimwadeanum".

Career Highlights

Born 15 October 1879. Died 2 November 1955. CBE 1935, Kt 1950. Educated University of Melbourne (BSc). Went into the family firm of Felton, Grimwade & Co., becoming a partner in 1907. The firm amalgamated with Duerdins and Sainsbury in 1929 to become Felton Grimwade and Duerdins Pty Ltd (later known as Drug Houses of Australia (Victoria) Pty Ltd) and he became a Director. Keen botanist, especially of the eucalypts. Official botanical adviser to the Army Department during World War II and when drugs were in short supply during the war, he grew and processed a number of important plant sources at his country home "Westerfield" in Victoria; he also developed a process for extracting fixed oil from apricot kernels to replace olive oil and manufactured hyoscine. Generous philanthropist, who gave $100,000 to the Biochemistry School, University of Melbourne, $30,000 to the Commonwealth Forestry and Timber Bureau, $20,000 to equip the Forest Products Laboratory in Victoria, and Captain Cook's cottage in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne to the people of the city of Melbourne. President, Society of Chemical Industry of Victoria 1909 and 1910, Chairman, Australian Chemical Institute 1946-47, Chairman, Trustees of the National Museum of Victoria and president, Australian Forest League. Commemorated by the Russell Grimwade Lecture of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

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