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Explanatory Note (continued)

The Bureau had produced a 16-page illustrated pamphlet in 1963 with the title Introducing the Bureau of Meteorology. This contained a brief outline of Bureau history and described the functions and organisation of the Bureau. Annual Reports, which had not previously been regularly prepared or published, commenced for the financial period 1968–69 and, like Weather News, provide a useful summary of Bureau activities.

The next editor of Weather News was M. Rosel, who was seconded from the News and Information Bureau in October 1969 to replace Mr Saunders as Public Relations Officer. Weather News had been produced each month since the appearance of issue No. 1 in August 1956. It had increased in size from four to some 20 pages, had acquired a printed, rather than roneoed, cover and contained an increasing number of photographs. Nevertheless, the style of the publication remained basically unchanged although each editor gave a distinctive flavour to the issues he produced. The main purpose of Weather News continued to be the communication of news of Bureau activity and development to its widely scattered staff. The issues produced in the lively style of Mr Rosel highlight the development of the Commonwealth Meteorological Research Centre, the Melbourne World Meteorological Centre of the World Weather Watch, honouring of the long service of voluntary rainfall observers and a wide range of other local and international activities. Perhaps the most significant of Mr Rosel's activities were those directed towards educating the general community on the advantages to be gained from the intelligent use of Bureau products, especially warnings of tropical cyclones, floods, fire weather and other hazards.

G. Wiseman served as editor of Weather News from October 1971 to May 1974. These years were the beginning of a period of financial and administrative restraint which caused difficulty and frustration within the Bureau. The Bureau had adopted a logo in 1971 and Mr Wiseman was responsible for its smooth introduction and adoption. He was also untiring in his efforts to promote the public acceptance of metric units in Bureau forecasts—efforts which were eminently successful and were commended by the Metric Conversion Board. In difficult circumstances Mr Wiseman maintained an unbroken issue of Weather News at monthly intervals, a sequence which had been interrupted only once—in May 1970.

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'Catalogue of Items in Weather News, Issues No. 1-262, August 1956 - December 1982', Metarch Papers, No. 1 February 1986, Bureau of Meteorology

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