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C. Transactions of the Philosophical Society Of Victoria, Vol. 1 Complete. (continued)

The Australian Builder and Land Advertiser, No. 7, 13 September 1855, p. 57, states that "When about going to press we received a volume of the first published Transactions of the Philosophical Society, being a series of papers contributed by its members. . . . ". Although a list of contents is not given, the nature of the comments which follow this statement indicates that the volume referred to is the complete volume one. As the previous issue of Aust. Builder & Land Advert., No. 6, is dated 6 September, that periodical must have received its copy of the transactions between 6 and 13 September 1855, and probably only one or two days before the thirteenth.

The published minutes (PM2, xvi) of the general meeting of the Philosophical Institute for 28 November 1855 show that copies of Trans. Philos. Soc. had been widely circulated prior to that date. The volume number is not specified in the minutes but it is obvious from the timing and from reference to the transactions not having been published at the cost of the Philosophical Society[2] that the issue concerned is the complete volume one.

Available evidence, although inconclusive, tends to indicate that this volume was distributed prior to the Trans. Vict. Inst. (item A). See under "Discussion".

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