Series List and Summary Descriptions

Series 1 ICI Dulux Australia Archives Documentation

Documentation related to the transfer of Dulux Australia archives and artefacts from Dulux Australia to Austehc (Australian Science and Technology Centre), The University of Melbourne, in 1999, including digital images taken at the Austehc offices, 203 Bouverie Street, Carlton, in 2000, and at the State Library of Victoria, 2009.

Also includes pre-existing archival listings from ICI Dulux Australia Cabarita Archives.

Date Range: 1996 - 2010   Quantity: 4 cm, 4 files
Provenance: eScholarship Research Centre


Series 2 Architectural Blueprints, Maps and Drawings

The architectural blueprints, maps and drawings (referred to as drawings from now on) in this Series are evidence of business conducted by Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust) Pty Ltd, and associated companies, and were probably transferred to Dulux Australia when it took over Berger. The drawings were folded and housed in boxes at the company. Many of the drawings are labelled with handwritten titles, and these titles have been included in this Guide as evidence of a record keeping system. Where there is no handwritten title, the architect or engineer's title is used. Similarly, the titles on the boxes (and sometimes a corresponding box number) have been included after the drawing title, see for example Inventory DULU00010:-
U - Steelwork Details Raw Materials Store H & H Drng No 5634/3 - 20 (drawing title)
Adelaide S.A. (box title).

There were additional box numbers pencilled on the front of these boxes, which match those of the "ICI Dulux Cabarita Archives" final report - box list. They have been recorded in this Guide (inventory list) as the Control.

The plans were removed from these boxes and laid flat in map drawers at the State Library Repository so that they could be preserved better. For a view of the records in the boxes before they were removed for preservation purposes, see the accession photos in Series 1.

Box Number MAP-B signifies the inventory item is stored in a map drawer in the Ballarat Repository of the State Library of Victoria.

Provenance: Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust) Pty Ltd


Series 3 Ledgers

See Final Report, ICI Dulux Cabarita Archives, Published September 1996.

Provenance: Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust) Pty Ltd


Series 4 Apparatus and Related Objects

Provenance: Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust) Pty Ltd


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