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1 Fisher, Dr. Eileen E.
Date Range: 1909 - 1998

Eileen E. Fisher was educated at the University of Melbourne (B.Sc., M.Agr.Sc.) and completed her PhD. at the University of Cambridge in 1938. The subject of her Masters - observations on 'sooty mould' infecting plum trees - was the start of a long career as a mycologist and plant pathologist throughout which Fisher continued to study funghi and, more particularly, its effects on agriculture.

After a number of years working in tertiary education at the University of Melbourne and the University of Queensland, Dr. Fisher spent twenty years as a Plant Pathologist with the Victorian Department of Agriculture, during which time her work looks to have become more focused on the effects of funghi on livestock. This led to the final stage of her career, working for the Veterinary Research Institute at the University of Melbourne.

In addition to her work as a mycologist Eileen Fisher engaged throughout her career with issues affecting women in education. She was associated with various organisations for women university students and graduates, and actively sort to expand educational opportunities for her female students.

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