Series List and Summary Descriptions

Series 1 Notebooks, Diaries, and Correspondence

Series 1 contains Eileen E. Fisher's handwritten notebooks, covering botany, microbiology and mycology, as well as a small number of notes on other topics, such as music and language.

Also included in this Series are professional diaries from overseas trips, sketches, pieces of correspondence, cards, and postcards.

Date Range: 1909? - 1998?, Range of dated items is 1925-1993.   Quantity: 36.5 cm, 26 files
Provenance: Fisher, Dr. Eileen E.


Series 2 Lecture Material and Subject Files

Included in this Series are folders and suspension files containing either groups of lecture notes, or papers and notes related to specific subjects.

The files of lecture notes include topics such as pathology, ecology, botany and medical botany. The subject files include topics such as facial eczema, chlorella, aflatoxin, various types of toxic fungi, plant toxicity and general mycotoxicosis.

Also included are folders containing papers on equal pay for women, and papers on women graduates and associations or clubs for women in universities.

Date Range: 1932 - 1971   Quantity: 44 cm, 22 files
Provenance: Fisher, Dr. Eileen E.


Series 3 Slides and Index Cards

Series 3 contains two sets of handwritten index cards, and groups of photographic slides showing botanical and fungal specimens.

Date Range: 1909? - 1998?, Range of dated items is 1964-1971.   Quantity: 39.5 cm, 17 files and box
Provenance: Fisher, Dr. Eileen E.


Series 4 Conference, Congress and Seminar Papers

This series contains material from various conferences, congresses, seminars, field days and other meetings. The majority of items are from events organised by either The Grassland Society of Victoria, or the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science (ANZAAS).

Also included is material from conferences held by the International Federation of University Women and the Australian Federation of University Women; and from the International Grassland Conference and Zesde Internationaal Botanisch Congres.

Date Range: 1935 - c. 1976   Quantity: 55 cm, 36 files, journals and publications
Provenance: Fisher, Dr. Eileen E.


Series 5 Journals, Reprints, and Other Publications

Series 5 contains a large range of journal reprints and other publications. A small number of these are by Dr. Eileen E. Fisher; however, most are by other authors. Many have her initials "E.E.F." or a variation handwritten in the top right corner.

The significant majority of the publications are on funghi, plants, botany and horticulture, including a number of reprints from the Proceedings of the Royal Society and the Journal of the Department of Agriculture, and information sheets on funghi printed by the Commonwealth Mycological Institute.

Date Range: 1895 - 1998?, Range of dated items is 1895-1985.   Quantity: 77.5 cm, 81 files, books, and journals
Provenance: Fisher, Dr. Eileen E.


Series 6 Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society

A complete run of the Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society from Volume XCII, April 1967, Part Four to Volume C, May 1975, Part Five.

Also includes the first edition of the journal to be published with the title The Garden (Volume 100, Part 6, June 1975).

Date Range: April 1967 - June 1975   Quantity: 60.5 cm, 100 journals
Provenance: Fisher, Dr. Eileen E.


Series 7 The Botanical Review

Contains an incomplete set of The Botanical Review - Interpreting Botanical Progress, from Volume 1, No. 1, January 1935 to Volume 11, No. 10, December 1945.

Date Range: January 1935 - December 1945   Quantity: 65 cm, 116 journals
Provenance: Fisher, Dr. Eileen E.


Series 8 Specimens

Series 8 contains a large number of specimens, most of which consist of funghi and a 'host' plant.

Many are contained in envelopes printed with "Department of Agriculture, Victoria - Biological Branch", while others are in University of Melbourne or University of Queensland envelopes, or in folded sheets of blank paper. The majority of these enclosures are inscribed with handwritten notes including details such as the name of the specimen, host name, the date and location of collection, and (in some cases) the name of the collector.

Also included are a small number of other items, such as labels printed "E. E. Fisher", and photographic prints of specimens and skin tests.

Date Range: 1909? - 1998?, Range of dated items is 1930-c.1966.   Quantity: 116 cm, 93 specimens and files
Provenance: Fisher, Dr. Eileen E.


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