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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 7

I The First 100 Years 1788-1888

II Railways

III Motorised Vehicles

IV Aviation

V Modern Shipping

VI Innovative Small Craft
i Salvage

VII Conclusion

VIII Acknowledgements

IX Contributors



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36 2001, the latest wave piercing catamaran built by International Catamarans Pty. Ltd. (photo courtesy International Catamarans Pty. Ltd.)

  Figure 36

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37 Ferry boat application of Stolkraft hull design (photo courtesy Stolkraft International Pty. Ltd.)

  Figure 37

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38 HMAS Rushcutter, 170 tonnes reinforced plastic catamaran mine hunter (photo courtesy Carrington Slipways Pty. Ltd.)

  Figure 38

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