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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 10

I 1. Introduction

II 2. The Role Of Technology

III 3. Some Highlights Of Australian Minerals Technology
i Gold
ii Copper
iii Lead-zinc-silver
iv Technology in iron ore mining
v Iron and steel technology
vi Nickel
vii Mineral sands
viii Bauxite, alumina, aluminium

IV 4. Other Technological Achievements (in brief)

V 5. Export Of Technology

VI 6. Education And Research

VII 7. The Scientific Societies

VIII 8. Conclusion



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Mineral sands (continued)

A kindred area of major importance in which the mineral sands industry has achieved distinction is the rehabilitation after mining of a variety of land forms including beaches, frontal dunes and high dunes. This sensitive area of land use and rehabilitation has been through many phases, especially in eastern Australia; the mining companies have given high priority to the matter and much experience has been gained in such aspects as the reservation of topsoil and its organic enrichment for re-use, the replanting of native species and the use of fertilisers and chemical stabilisers, the introduction of shrubs and tree species following establishment of low-density cover crops, etc. The experience gained in eastern Australia has been translated into the newer industry in WA and converted as required to meet local conditions; it has provided important supplementary information for other branches of the mining industry throughout Australia and indeed throughout the world.

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