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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 11

I The Present Energy Economy

II Australian Energy Consumption

III Research And Development

IV Coal
i Transition at the coal face
ii Further development of face mechanisation
iii Mechanisation outside the face area
iv Open-cut mining in NSW
v Open-cut mining in Queensland
vi Underground mining in Queensland
vii The state of the art
viii Conclusion

V Oil And Natural Gas

VI Solar Energy

VII Nuclear Energy

VIII Bagasse Firewood And Other Biomass

IX Electric Power Generation And Distribution electric Power Generation And Distribution

X Manufactured Gas

XI Industrial Process Heat



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3 & 4 3) Hand loading. Two miners shovelling coal into a 1.5 tonne skip.

4) Horse haulage was common in 1935. Horses were either taken out of the mine each day or stabled underground and brought up at the weekend.

  Figure 3 & 4

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2 Undercutting by hand. A narrow opening was made at the junction of seam and floor before boring holes to receive the charge of the explosive.

  Figure 2

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