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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 13

I Colonial Origins

II First World War

III Between The World Wars

IV The Second World War

V Post-second World War

VI After The Joint Project

VII Science And Decisions At The Top

VIII Armed Services Technology

IX New Tasks And Projects
i Mulloka
ii Winnin
iii Lads
iv Jindalee
v Barra and Kariwarra

X Transfer Of Research And Development

XI Acknowledgement



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Mulloka, an active ship-board sonar system was developed from the skills of WRE, now called Defence Research Centre Salisbury (DRCS), and the Royal Australian Naval Research Laboratories (RANRL), to take advantage of the special acoustic properties of Australian waters and to meet the RAN's tactical needs; industry participation came from Thorn-EMI and Plessey. Mulloka was adopted for operations use.

Organisations in Australian Science at Work - Defence Research Centre, Salisbury (D.R.C.S.); Plessey Aust. Pty Ltd; Royal Australian Naval Research Laboratories (R.A.N.R.L.); Thorn-E.M.I; Weapons Research Establishment (W.R.E.)

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