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Statistical Consulting Centre (1984 - )

University of Melbourne
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Function: Statistical Services
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This Centre, which is largely self-supporting, has been running since 1984. The Centre's Director and is Associate Professor Ian Gordon. The Statistical Consulting Centre provides statistical services such as study design, sample size determination, data analysis and data entry. The service is available to staff and postgraduate students within the University and others outside the University.

URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://www.scc.ms.unimelb.edu.au/
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The aims of the Statistical Consulting Centre, which were formulated when it began, are to be a focus for the long-standing consulting activities of the former Department of Statistics (now the Department of Mathematics and Statistics); promote the practise of appropriate and informative statistical methods; be a stimulus to relevant teaching in the former Department of Statistics (now the Department of Mathematics and Statistics); provide research problems whose solutions are of immediate practical interest; train advanced students; increase the awareness of the utility of statistical expertise; and, foster mutually beneficial contacts between the University and the wider community. Staff members of the Centre (in 2001) include Associate Professor Ian Gordon (Director), Ms Florence Choo (Consultant), Dr Sue Finch (Consultant), Dr Graham Hepworth (Consultant), Ms Derchieh Hung (Research Assistant), Dr Michael Phillips (Consultant), and, Ms Catherine Smith (Consultant).

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