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Recollections of Service in the Bureau and RAAF


Recollections—Mascot and Rose Bay—the Early Years

Sojourn in the Far East 1942




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Sojourn in the Far East 1942 (continued)

So ended a three-month adventure which was really rather frustrating. We never settled down properly to carry out our intended work. We were kept on the move by circumstances and none of us felt proud at having to withdraw from the Japanese. We were very fortunate. Thousands of the fighting troops suffered intensely and at length, or lost their lives against a brutal enemy as POWs on land and at sea (torpedoed in prison ships by allied submarines); and in the fighting in the jungle, in the air, and on the sea.

I found out later that MS Deucalion lies at the bottom of the mediterranean Sea—sunk while in a convoy to or from Malta.

My three companions on this brief sojourn in the Far East have long since passed on, unfortunately. I was fortunate to be associated with them in those days and we were lucky to be led by George Mackey, with his early services training and resourcefulness.


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People in Bright Sparcs - Forder, Douglas Highmoor (Doug); Hannay, Alexander Keith (Keith); Mackey, George William

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Hannay, K. 1994 'Some Recollections of Service in the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology and RAAF Meteorological Service: Mascot and Rose Bay (1938 to 1940): Sojourn in the Far East (1942)', Metarch Papers, No. 6 July 1994, Bureau of Meteorology

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