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Federation and MeteorologyBureau of Meteorology
Table of Contents

Memories of the Bureau, 1946 to 1962





Chapter 1: The Warren Years, 1946 to 1950

Chapter 2: International Meteorology

Chapter 3: The Timcke Years, 1950 to 1955

Chapter 4: A Year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Chapter 5: The Dwyer Years, 1955 to 1962

Chapter 6: A Springboard for the Future

Appendix 1: References

Appendix 2: Reports, Papers, Manuscripts

Appendix 3: Milestones

Appendix 4: Acknowledgements

Appendix 5: Summary by H. N. Warren of the Operation of the Meteorological Section of Allied Air Headquarters, Brisbane, 1942–45



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Appendix 4: Acknowledgements

This volume would not have been written and published without the help of the individuals listed below. Some responded to my request for information on their involvement in or with the Bureau of Meteorology in the years 1946–62. Others helped me find information about the Bureau and other organisations, people and events. The Bureau of Meteorology assisted by lending me a laptop computer, providing printouts of and proof-reading drafts, and helping with advice and encouragement.

Those helping were V. J. Bahr, A. T. Bath, Clare Body, D. N. Body, H. G. Bond, L. Broadbridge, A. T. Brunt, M. Cassidy, R. B. Crowder, T. Donald, W. Downey, I. Forrest, G. W. Furler, J. Gardner, D. J. Gauntlett, A. J. Gibbs, J. L. Gibbs, D. E. Handcock, A. K. Hannay, A. Hollis, K. Henderson, T. T. Hall, Albina Marceglia, G. O'Mahony, H. R. Phillpot, A. Rae, A. F. Rainbird, M. Rosel, P. Schwerdtfeger, R. L. Southern, E. Stafford, I. Stark, G. Stevens, N. A. Streten, P. Sullivan, S. Symonds, G. Trefry, May Whittingham, R. Wilkie, J. W. Zillman.

Dr. John Zillman, Commonwealth Director of Meteorology and President of the World Meteorological Organization, provided sustained encouragement for the whole enterprise and sanctioned my use of facilities in the Bureau of Meteorology. Ian Forrest gave valuable assistance in providing printouts of the many drafts produced and proofreading them. Andrew Hollis provided much needed aid in the final stages of readying the text for publication. His research of the historical background of the period was greatly appreciated. Special thanks are due to Elizabeth Stafford for layout and preparation of the manuscript for printing. Ian Stark helped a computer novice produce a text in computer-compatible form. Mike Rosel helped to curb my literary verbosity. My wife Audrey helped with proof-reading and daughter Jennifer provided some interesting information on early meteorological history.

Of those who provided reminiscences of their careers in the Bureau and/or information on other personalities and events Neil Body, Gerry O'Mahony, Henry Phillpot, Allan Rainbird and Bob Southern were outstandingly generous.

W. J. G.

People in Bright Sparcs - Bahr, Victor John; Bath, Allen Tristram; Bond, Harold George; Brunt, Allan Thomas; Crowder, Robert Bernard; Downey, William; Furler, Graeme; Gauntlett, Douglas John; Hall, Thomas Taylor (Tom); Handcock, Don; Hannay, Alexander Keith (Keith); Henderson, William Keith; Marceglia, Albina Zora; O'Mahony, Gerard (Gerry); Phillpot, Henry Robert; Streten, Neil Anthony; Sullivan, Patrick Joseph; Warren, Herbert Norman; Zillman, John William

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Gibbs, W. J. 1999 'A Very Special Family: Memories of the Bureau of Meteorology 1946 to 1962', Metarch Papers, No. 13 May 1999, Bureau of Meteorology

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