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TV Weather Brisbane

No. 64 November 1961, Item 451

All regular weather presentations in Brisbane, both on national and commercial television channels are given by station personnel and Bureau participation in programmes is limited to interviews on particular meteorological topics of special interest. In addition weather room activities are frequently filmed and used as background to news items.

The only other form of participation in the television programmes is in the direction of background training of telecasters and in daily briefing.

As the majority of stations appear to favour the glamour girl type of telecaster for weather presentations the above duties are eagerly sought after. Bureau staff have bad the pleasure of indoctrinating and briefing two "Miss Australias" and one "Miss Queensland" in the short time that television has been operating in this State.

The background training usually extends over one week and consists of one or two hours a day going over definitions and explanation of elementary meteorology and impressing on the telecasters the importance of treating their subject seriously; presenting it faithfully and particularly for the more glamorous the need to submerge their glamour behind the prosaic highs and lows.

Background training plus daily briefing produces quite satisfactory results but without these the standard of presentation is very variable.

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