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Astronomical and Meteorological Workers in New South Wales


Lieutenant Dawes

Captain Flinders

Admiral Phillip Parker King

Sir Thomas MacDougall Brisbane

Dr. Charles Stargard Rumker

James Dunlop

P. E. De Strzelecki

Captain J. C. Wickham

Rev. W. B. Clarke, M.A.

Rev. A. Glennie

E. C. Close

Sir William Macarthur

J. Boucher

S. H. Officer

John Wyndham

William Stanley Jevons

Establishment of Meteorological Observatories

Votes and Proceedings, N.S.W., 1848.

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Appendix T.

Sydney, 4th June. 1855.

SIR,—In attention to your letter of the 8th of May last, No. 242, respecting the establishment of an Observatory, procuring meteorological instruments, &c.

1. I do myself the honor to state that I have obtained several estimates of the prices of new instruments, and find from them that such a set as will be necessary will cost £20. I have accordingly included in my estimate for 1856, £240, for the purpose of providing twelve sets.

2. With reference to the instruments already in possession of the Government, I have seen Captain King, who informs me that they were examined and repaired under his own directions a short time since, and that he does not think any further repairs will he required to them until the instruments are set up in their places in the Observatory, when whatever may be necessary can be better effected.

I have the honor to be, Sir,
Your most obedient servant
WM. WEAVER, Col. Arct.

Appendix U.

Sydney, 12th November, 1856.

SIR,—With reference to my letter of the 7th instant, I am now directed to inform you that from a report which has been received from the Auditor-General it appears that the sum of £600 was voted by the Legislative Council in the year 1852 for the erection of a building at Fort Phillip for a time ball, and for quarters for the Meteorological Recorder, and that out of this sum, £423 10s. 2d. has been expended by the Colonial Agent-General in the purchase and transmission of a time ball, leaving a balance unexpended of £176 9s. 10d. to be added to the £7,000 voted in 1855 as a further sum for the erection of the buildings in question.

I have the honor to be, Sir,
Your most obedient servant,

The Colonial Architect.

With this money the present building was put up, and observations began in the middle of 1858.

[At the close of the Paper Mr. Ellery added several particulars as to the work of early observers; and this led to further remarks by Mr. Russell and the Hon. P. G. King. Mr. Sutherland suggested the advisability of the Section forming a committee for the collection of Meteorological data and the organisation of Meteorological Research. This proposal received the commendation of the President. Mr. Russell added several examples of the difficulty which he experienced in clearing up matters of fact of even comparatively recent date. This was endorsed by the President, who remarked that one of the first things he heard about the Parramatta Observatory was that at the time in question it was being used as a dog kennel; and had even received the distinction of an inscription on its walls "Sic transit gloria mundi."]

People in Bright Sparcs - Dunlop, James; Ellery, Robert Lewis John; King, Phillip Parker

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Russell, H. C. 1888 'Astronomical and Meteorological Workers in New South Wales, 1778-1860,' Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science vol. 1, 1888, pp. 45-94.

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