Series 19 - Appendices

Date Range1907 - 198?
Quantity4 items
ProvenanceFrank Macfarlane Burnet

Lists of material held in other repositories, archives and libraries, i.e. lists of the appendices as seen in the printed Guide to the Records of Frank MacFarlane Burnet.

Appendix 1 - Records at the Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science
Appendix 2 - Items in the Microbiology Department, University of Melbourne
Appendix 3 - Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research
Appendix 4 - Material in Other Collections (Royal Society Archives London; Commonweath Department of Health Library (Canberra); Commonwealth Department of Health Records)

Inventory Listing

19-1 Appendix 1 - Records at the Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science

MS 98 Burnet, Sir F. Macfarlane Records, 1928-1975, 320 mm

998/1a Early Technical Papers 1928-1940
21 FMB and M. McKie Notes on plaque formation 1928
22 Original Canary fwx(?) drawings 1933 (Burnet virus disease of canary)
23 The Bacteriophages 1933 Biological Reviews Ms 1934
24 Proof of R.S. Tropical Medicine Lecture on Phage 1934
25 Talk for Biochemistry Society on viruses 1936
26 Expansion of the above 1936
27 Nature of Immunity to CNS viruses 1938
28 Primary and secondary antigenic responses in the rabbit 1939
29 Psittacosis in Australia 1939
30 Herpes febrilis 1940
31 Herpes simplex as an infections disease of infancy 1941

98/1b Unpublished Technical Addresses etc. 1955-1964
41 Antibody production, Sydney 5 April 1955
42 21st Birthday, Pathology Society of Victoria 14 October 1957
43 Antibody production Self and Not-Self 1958
44 The biology of the cancer cell 1958-1959
48 The experimental basis of tissue transplantation, Adelaide 1960
55 Cell populations, Royal Society of Victoria 1961
56 Epidemics - of man and rabbits 1961
57 An introduction to modern immunology 1962
60 The produciton of antibodies, Scientific American 1963/64
61 Thoughts on immunity, unpublished 1964
62 The function of the thymus gland 1964

98/1c Unpublished Technical Lectures 1955-1974
Typescripts - 2 published but no reprints
39 Article on viruses for Encyclopedia Britannica 1955
40 Antibodies, Royal Society of Victoria 1955
47 Immunological drift as a process in viral evolution, Pasteur Institute, Paris 1959
49 Herztein Medical Lectures, Glaxford 1960: 1. Clonal selection theory; 2. Simonsen phenomenon; 3. Autoimmune disease
58 Aschoff Lecture - Autoimmune disease, Freiberg, Germany 1963
87 Lymphoreticular malignancies in man 1974

98/1d Typescripts of Lectures - ANZAAS, Wright, Croonian, Dyer, Wisconsin, Moynihan, Vanderbilt...1949-1961. Pacific Science Congress Lecture 1971
32 The nature of immunity, ANZAAS 1949
33 Genetic approach to virus variation, Wright Lecture, London 1950
34 Virus and cell surface, Croonian Lecture 1952
35 The virus and the cell, Dyer Lecture, Washington 1952
36 The influence of infectious disease on history - Past and future, Wisconsin 1952
37 The natural history of surgical infection, Moynihan Lecture 1955
39 From bacteriophage to influenza virus, Vanderbilt Symposium 1958
40 The theories of antibody production, Vanderbilt Symposium 1958
52 Immunological aspects of species, Polymorphism in polypeptide and protein hormones 1961
(no number) The impact of diseases in the Pacific, Twelve Pacific Science Congress 1971

98/2a Correspondence and Papers relating to WHO 1956-1959
WHO Geneva 1956-1959, 1962
Japan Visit 1961 (Japan Bacteriological Society meeting 5-7 April 1961)
Early lectures on medical research 1947-1950
NH&MRC Reorganisation 1956-1958
NH&MRC Initiation on C. J. Martin fellowships 1951
Germ Warfare in Korea 1952-1953
American Notes - Cold Spring Harbour 1958, Stanford 1960
International Association of Microbiological Societies (Chairman) 1953-1958
General Correspondence 1948-1958 (20mm)

98/2b Biological Effects of Nuclear Explosion Fallout
Report tothe Prime Minister 1973
Meeting between Australian and French Scientists May 1973
FMB notes and correspondence

98/2c Typescripts of Book Articles and Unpublished Technical Articles 1961-1975
The Natural History of Communicable Disease 1961
Antibodies and Immunity 1965
Speculations on the Evolution of the Immune Process
Autoimmune Disease 1967
Immunological Surveillance 1969
Immunological Surveillance and the Origin of Tumour Specific Antigens 1970
Introduction to Kuala Lumpur talk on KURU (no date)
Invertebrate Precursors to Immune Responses 1972
Ageing and Immunological Surveillance 1973
The Evolution of Biological Recognition as exemplified in the immune system 1975

98/3a Typescripts of Papers, Talks etc with Associated Correspondence 1967-1976
Introduction, booklet on ageing 1976
EXPO 67 Noranda Lecture, Immunological Tolerance 1967
The Evolution of Adaptive Immunity in Vertebrates 1968
Script for tape on clonal selection 1968
Introduction to Kuala Lumpur talk on KURU 1969
Immunology, past, present and future 1969
Differentiation and selection of mammalian body cells 1969
Reflections on KURU 1970
Implications on immunological surveillance for cancer therapy 1971

98/3b Typescripts of Social and Environmental papers 1961-1975
Syposium on human population, summary May 1962
Alcoa talk 1971
Konrad Lorenz: Animal models of human behaviour 1971
Personal and national objectives in a sceptical age (Oscar Mendelsohn Lecture) 1971
Problems of survival into the 21st Century 1972
Objectives for mature Australia 1973
Biological aspects of human behaviour 1972
The taming of economic growth 1972
Some objectives for our times 1973
Epidemiology of diseases of civilisation 1973
Violence: a biological background 1975

98/3c Miscellaneous Talks - Listerian Oration, Ceylon, Australian Academy of Science, Chinese Academy, Tintern Speech Day...etc. 1952-1969
Listerian Oration, The seeds of time. The impact of microbiology on human affairs since Lister's day 1952
Tintern C.E.G.G.S. speech day 1966
University of New South Wales, talk 1967
Human Biology 1968
Occasional address, Monash University 1968
Leighton Medal 1969
Dinner Speech, Thredbo 1969

98/3d Early Manuscripts 1924-1968
The Physiological Significance of Pain 1924-1925
The Story of Influenza 1940
Influenza past and present 1942
Influenza 1958
Welcome to New Students of Medicine 1958
Ross, Sir Ian Clunies, Dictionary of National Biography c.1960
Some Human Implications of Modern Biology (no date)
Address to graduandsSydney 1961
Medical Education and Research, Impressions of An American Visit 1944
The experimental outlook in Medicine 1944
Nobel Banquet c1961
The Changing Scene in Medicine 1964
Opening Remarks - South East Asian Regional Pugwash Conference 1967
A Biologist Dabbles in Politics 1968
Totus Homo, Letter 1975

98/3e Typescripts and Notes 1975
Mutation and Selection: Some Extensions of Darwinism 1974-1975
Summary of Clonal Selection December 1963 (typescript with hand written corrections and hand drawn figures)
The significance of avidity in immunological reactions 1 September 1966
Antibodies 1963
Royal Society acknowledgment of the book Walter and Eliza Hall Institute 1915-1965
Hanwritten Notes 'New Book', found in Autoimmunity and Autoimmune Desease

98/4a Academy 'Diary' 1965-1969
Includes correspondence, notes of interviews, meetings etc. 20mm

98/4b Unpublished Papers on Technical Topics 1971-1974
Immunology, biology today 1971
Recent advances in the study of cancer immunity 1971
Medical problems in New Guinea's approach ot independence 1972
Self and not-self in plants 1972
Immunosuppression in relation to malignant disease 1972
Lecture on autoimmunity 1972
The seven ages of virology 1972
Cancer as somatic mutation: Recent developments and prospects 1972
Hypothesis, a genetic interpretation of ageing 1973
Cancer as age-associated disease 1973
Intrisnsic mutagenesis - A logical extension of clonal selection? 1973
Transfer factor, Departmental seminar 1973
Somatic mutation, autoimmunity and senescence 1973
Medical implications of research on ageing 1974
Intrinsic mutagenesis
Lymphoreticular malignancies in man: Their relation to herpes virus and to immune surveillance 1974
Immunological influences on ageing: Some experimental and observational approaches 1974
The concept of intrinsic mutagenesis 1974

98/4c W.E.H.I. Office 'Diary' 1964-1965
Typed, detailed notes 40mm

MS 53 The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Research in Pathology and Medicine Correspondence
Correspondence, mostly typescript, and laboratory results of tests on sera. The corespondence relates to the early work on Q fever at the Institute and at the Laboratory of Microbiology and Pathology, Brisbane. The bulk of the correspondence relates to the period 1936-1940. The letters are predominantly form Burnet to E.H. Derrick. 1936-1949, 213mm

Creator Frank Macfarlane Burnet
Date range 1928 - 1975
Inventory Identifier 19/001 Series 19
19-2 Appendix 2 - Items in the Microbiology Department, University of Melbourne

1. Pasteur Institute Silver Medal
Silver plaque with bust of Pasteur, presented by Pasteur Institute, Paris.
2. Semmelweiss Medal
Awarded by Medical School of the University of Budapest
3. Plaque with replica of antique Greek coin, showing infant Hercules strangling snakes sent to kill him
Presented by Institute of Child Health, Athens
4. 25th Nobel Prize Winners' Meeting, Commemorative Plaque
From Nobel Prize Winners Committee, Lindau, Bavaria
5. Paul Erlich Medal
Medal from First International Congress of Immunology, Washington 1971. Awarded to F. M. Burnet for distinguished service to Immunology.

Colour Portrait of F.M. Burnet (Photograph by T. Dobrozhanski) No date, 1980s
F.M. Burnet at desk, University of Melbourne (signed by F.M. Burnet) No date, 1960s

*indicates those books donated by Ian Burnet, August 1991
Burnet, F.M., Autoimmunity and Auto-immune Disease, 1972
Burnet, F.M. Biology and the Appreciation of Life, 1966* (The Boyer Lectures, ABC)
Burnet, F.M., Cellular Immunology, 1971 Japanese translation, 1969.
Burnet, F.M., Changing Patterns; an atypical autobiography, 1968 Japanese translation, 1978
Burnet, F.M., The Clonal Selection Theory of Acquired Immunity, 1959
Burnet, F.M., Credo and Comment, A Scientist Reflects, 1979
Burnet, F.M., Dominant Mammal; The Biology Of Human Destiny, 1970
Burnet, F.M., Endurance of Life; the implications of genetics for human life (no English copy)
, Mexican translation (1978)*, French tranlsation (1978)*
Burnet, F.M., Endurance of Life; the implications of genetics for human life (no English copy) Mexican translation (1971)*, Czechoslovakian translation (1971)*, Italian translation (1974).
/Burnet, F.M., Keogh, E.V., White, D.O., The Immunological Reactions of the Filterable Viruses, 1937
Burnet, F.M., Immunological Surveillance, 1970
Burnet, F.M., Immunology, Ageing and Cancer; Medical Aspects of Mutation and Selection, , 1976
Japanese translation, 1978*
Burnet, F.M., Clark, E., Influenza, 1942
Burnet, F.M., The Integrity of the Body, 1962
Italian translation, 1967
Burnet, F.M., Natural History of Infectious Disease (no English copy) - Spanish translation, 3rd edition (1967), 4th edition (1972)*; German translation (1962).
Burnet, F.M., White, D.O., Natural History of Infectious Desease4th edition, 1972
Burnet, F.M., Principles of Animal Virology, 2nd edition, 1960
Burnet, F.M., Production of Antibodies, 1941
Burnet, F.M., Self and Not-Self, 1969
Burnet, F.M., Virus as Organism; Evolutionary andEcological Aspects of Some Human Virus Diseases, 1946
Burnet, F.M., Stanley, W.M., The Viruses, 1959

Volume 1: General Virology
Volume 2: Plant and Bacterial Viruses
Volume 3: Animal Viruses
Burnet, F.M., Viruses and Man 1953
Burnet, F.M., The Walter and Eliza hall Institute of Medical Research 1915-1965, 1971
Dugan, M., Famous Australians: Scientists, 1981*
Farren White, Rev. W. Ants and their ways*
Froggat, W.W., Australian Insects, 1907*
Lydekker, R., Johnston, H., Ainsworth-Davis, J.R., Harmsworth Natural History, 1911*
Norry, Roy, Virus Hunter in Australia; the story of Sir Macfarlane Burnet, 1966*
Oliphant, M., Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet on Ageing and Looking Back, 1977
Pope, B., Burnet, F.M., Oliphant, M., Challenge to Australia*
Nobel Foundation Directory 1981-1982, 1981*
Traduction des Discours a la Fete Nobel 1960*
- Nobel Prize presentation speeches, French and English

Creator Frank Macfarlane Burnet
Date range 1941 - 198?
Inventory Identifier 19/002 Series 19
19-3 Appendix 3 - Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research

1. Dr Mathews - Okapa, PNG 1966- Correspondence between F.M. Burnet and Mathews, 1 February - 8 January 1968
2. PNG Medical Research Advisory Committee - October 1963 Correspondence and F.M. Burnet's notes on the MRAC meeting - October 1963
3. PNG Medical Research Advisory Committee - May 1964 Correspondence to F.M. Burnet from R. Walsh and R. Scragg, 5 August 1964 and 19 June 1964

Creator Frank Macfarlane Burnet
Date range July 1956 - 1976
Inventory Identifier 19/003 Series 19
19-4 Appendix 4 - Material in Other Collections

Royal Society Archives London
Commonweath Department of Health Library (Canberra)
Commonwealth Department of Health Records

Creator Frank Macfarlane Burnet
Inventory Identifier 19/004 Series 19
19-5 Appendix 5 - Material held in the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research

D'Herelle, F., Le Bactériophage et son Comportement, Deuxième édition Entièrement Refondue, Masson et Cie éditeurs, Libraires de L'Académie de Médecine, 120, Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris, 1926.

Whether or not a person can be judged by the books he or she reads may be a matter best left to discussions around coffee tables, but for historians and biographers the books a person read can prove an invaluable key to unlocking the doors to his or her mind. Not only do the books tell us what type of information available to one in a bygone era, and shed light on the thinking of the time, but they also offer clues about the influences that shaped the person’s thoughts.

This volume is a case in point. As indicated by the inscription (Image #5), Burnet bought this copy himself in Paris on 22nd Aug, 1927. At the time he had just begun his work on phages—although he had already published a few papers on the subject of phages, his major contributions to this field were still some years away. We know from Burnet’s autobiography that he had read an English translation of an earlier edition of this book some years earlier, but he evidently felt that the author’s ideas were important enough to warrant buying the French version for himself. (The author Felix d’Herelle was one of the scientists who discovered the bacteriophages a few years earlier and one of the active researchers in the field at the time). That this copy was in active use by Burnet is evident from the various handwritten notes in ink or pencil, scattered through the book. The notes vary in character and details from simple underlining to questions and ideas entered into the margins and thus tell us something about what he was thinking about while immersed in the phage work.

The existence of this volume at the library of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research came to light during a chance conversation (in August 2003) with virologist Professor Frank Fenner who remembered seeing copy of d’Herelle book with notes in Burnet’s writing at the WEHI sometime in forties. This is also its current location, although it appears to have changed hands a few times in the interim period. According to the labels pasted on to the inside cover of the book, it was received (likely from Burnet) as part of the collection of the Mathison Memorial Library of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in 1947. A second, undated label pasted over this one reveals that it was subsequently presented by WEHI to the University of Melbourne’s medical library. It appears to have been returned to the WEHI sometime in the late eighties, as indicated in Image # 282.

Burnet’s annotations (in pencil or ink) appear on the following pages:
p17, i13, i284
p26, i18 , i285
p43, i26, i286
p52&53, i31, i287 and i288
p54&55, i32, i289 and i290
p63, i36, i291
p64, i37, i292
p83, i46, i293
p85, i47, i294
p87, i48, i295
p163, i86, i296
p165, i87, i296
p166&167, i88, i298 and i299
p168&169, i89, i300 and i301
p170, i90, i302
p172&173, i91, i303-i306
p174, i92, i307
p209, i109, i308
p210, i110, i309
p213, i111, i310
p215, i112, i311
p217, i113, i312
p219, i114, i313
p221, i115, i314
p351, i180, i315
p361, i185, i316
p401, i205, i317
p403, i206, i318
p404&405, i207, i319 and i320
p432, i221, i321

Creator Frank Macfarlane Burnet
Date range 1926    Quantity 1 volume
Formats Books
Inventory Identifier 19/005 Series 19

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