Series List and Summary Descriptions

Series 1 Personal - Biographical

This series contains personal documents, personal correspondence, memorabilia, biographical records (including three original letters by P. Ehrlich which came into Burnet's possession in 1962, see file 1/18), degrees, appointments, awards, biographies, appreciations (including Burnet Collection Ceremony), bibliographies, curricula vitae, receipts, accounts and estate documents, Linda Burnet files, as well as records from the 'Elizabeth Dexter Collection'.

Formats include correspondence, certificates, licences, typescripts, notes, booklets, newspaper cuttings, publications, manuscripts, photographs, diagrams, speeches, sketches, postcards, telegrams, obituaries, memoranda, curricula vitarum, legal documents, financial records, medals, plaques, certificates

Date Range: 13 July 1899 - August 1999   Quantity: 135 cm, 108 files, notebook, film, video tapes
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 2 Diaries and Notebooks

Early diaries, notebooks and diary letters 1880-1928, general and travel diaries,
personal diaries and office diaries 1951-1985, notebooks 1932-1985, Linda Burnet's Travel Diaries 1950-1968.

Formats include diaries, sketches, notes, catalogue, photographs, photographic negatives, diary letters, notebooks, notes, experimental results, newspaper cuttings, graphs, maps, photocopied notebooks.

Date Range: 11 March 1880 - 31 July 1985   Quantity: 135 cm, 86 files, notebooks
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 3 Nobel Laureate Files

Correspondence, bibliographies, notes, speeches, menus, scrapbook, press conference typescript, memoranda, travel papers, newspaper cuttings, and photographs.

Date Range: 21 October 1954 - 30 September 1985   Quantity: 17 cm, 14 files
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 4 Publications by F. M. Burnet

This series contains Mac Burnet's publications 1942-1984, books 1971-1982, commemorative volumes, and an appendix - indexes to reprints and lists of reprints (including lists to reprints in other collections).

Date Range: 1942 - 1988   Quantity: 50 cm, 49 files
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 5 Book Manuscripts with Publishing Correspondence and Reviews

Manuscripts, typescripts, correspondence, legal documents, publications, reviews

Date Range: 1939 - 2 April 1986   Quantity: 103 cm, 64 files
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 6 Draft Manuscripts with Correspondence and Working Papers

This series contains early unpublished writings 1930s-1966, University lecture series 1952-1978, collected essays (unpublished) 1952-1972, radio talks and films 1952-1983,
published and unpublished non-technical and general writings 1960s-1980s, published and unpublished technical writings - papers, lectures and book chapters 1954-1983.

Formats include manuscripts, typescripts, correspondence, notes, publications, photographic negatives, film script, talks, addresses, lectures, book reviews, newspaper cuttings, minutes, photocopies, page proofs, and galley proofs.

Date Range: 1924 - 1985   Quantity: 135 cm, 139 files
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 7 Correspondence - Subject Files

Alphabetic correspondence subject files, subject files - reprints and papers, subject files - library books.

Formats include correspondence, publications, reports, academic references, typescript notes, speeches, draft notes, addresses, newspaper cuttings, memoranda, minutes, research proposals, and photographs.

Date Range: 7 September 1943 - 22 August 1985   Quantity: 85 cm, 64 files
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 8 Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Files

Correspondence, typescript indexes, typescripts, reports, notes, memoranda, draft proposals, grant applications, newspaper cuttings, radio braodcast scripts, photographs, contracts, speeches, programmes, architectural plans, minutes, and annual reports.

Date Range: 1915 - 1985   Quantity: 50 cm, 44 files
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 9 Working Papers - Subject Files

Working papers - subject files, and working papers from "Book Files".

Includes the following formats: tearsheets, reprints, draft papers, reports, correspondence, notes, typescripts, clinical records, publications, and newspaper cuttings.

Date Range: 1913 - 1985?   Quantity: 68 cm, 35 files
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 10 X-Disease, Kuru and Gajdusek Files

This series contains papers regarding X-Disease and Kuru research and correspondence files, Kuru correspondence - photocopies from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Files, publications - reprints and Gajdusek journals, appendix files.

Formats include correspondence, clinical notes and records, publications, notes, typescripts, reports, reprints, bibliographies, and journals (diaries).

Date Range: 23 October 1923 - June 1980   Quantity: 68 cm, 38 files
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 11 Index Cards

Sets of ordered index cards (127mm x 76.5mm).

Date Range: 1950? - 198?   Quantity: 35 cm, 11 files
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 12 Scrapbooks

Correspondence, newspaper cuttings, photographs, mementos, reports, programmes, and certificates.

Date Range: 1926 - April 1985   Quantity: 70 cm, 8 scrapbooks, files
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 13 Drawings and Watercolours

316 pen and ink drawings, watercolour sketches, sketchbooks, pencil sketches, poems. Includes files from the 'Elizabeth Dexter Collection'.

Date Range: 16 December 1921 - 6 April 1972   Quantity: 40 cm, 18 files of drawings
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 14 Photographs

800 photographs (mostly reproduction) black and white, and colour. Includes material from the "Elizabeth Dexter Collection'.

Date Range: 18?? - 1984?   Quantity: 68 cm, 62 files of photographs
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 15 Projection Slides

Boxed travel slides, boxed subject slides, and lecture slides files.

Includes 35mm projection slides, colour and black and white, predominantly from the 'Elizabeth Dexter Collection'.

Date Range: 1932 - 1979   Quantity: 34 cm, 51 boxes/sleeves of slides
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 16 Audio and Video Cassettes

Interviews and documentaries.

Date Range: 1925 - 198?, 1980s   Quantity: 34 cm, 21 cassettes
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 17 Personal Correspondence between Linda Burnet and Family

Forty-five letters.

Date Range: December 1931 - February 1933   Quantity: 2 cm, 3 files
Provenance: Linda Burnet


Series 18 Oral History Interviews conducted by Christopher Sexton - Audio CD copies

Copy of audiotape of interviews by Frank Macfarlane Burnet's biographer, Christopher Sexton, taken during 1985-1986.

Date Range: 1901 - 1986   Quantity: 17 cm, 24 CDs
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


Series 19 Appendices

Lists of material held in other repositories, archives and libraries, i.e. lists of the appendices as seen in the printed Guide to the Records of Frank MacFarlane Burnet.

Appendix 1 - Records at the Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science
Appendix 2 - Items in the Microbiology Department, University of Melbourne
Appendix 3 - Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research
Appendix 4 - Material in Other Collections (Royal Society Archives London; Commonweath Department of Health Library (Canberra); Commonwealth Department of Health Records)

Date Range: 1907 - 198?   Quantity: 4 items
Provenance: Frank Macfarlane Burnet


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