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images/BURN14-10t.jpg - 23KB
Wedding Photo, Marriage of F. M. Burnet and E. L. M. (Linda) Druce, 10 July 1928
Source Item 14-10

images/BURN14-12t.jpg - 31KB
Burnet with Monkey, 1930?
Source Item 14-12

images/BURN14-16dt.jpg - 14KB
Innoculation of eggs for production of influenza vaccine, Commonwealth Serum Laboratory, undated.
Source Item 14-16

images/BURN14-16ct.jpg - 13KB
Joyce Stone and Margaret Edney, Burnet's Laboratory Assistants, undated
Source Item 14-16

images/BURN14-16at.jpg - 23KB
Honorary Doctor of Science, Cambridge 1946
Source Item 14-16

images/BURN14-16bt.jpg - 14KB
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, undated
Source Item 14-16

images/BURN14-23t.jpg - 17KB
Left to right: Dr Ernest Goodpasture, Sir Macfarlane Burnet and Victor Major
taken at the Vanderbilt University Symposium on Immunity and Virus Infection, 1958
Source Item 14-23

images/BURN14-22t.jpg - 34KB
Burnet Family Photo "Deb (standing), Liz and Me" in background,
Pat Lind sitting in foreground, 1950
Source Item 14-22

images/BURN14-38t.jpg - 22KB
Microbiology Department, University of Melbourne, 1965
Source Item 14-38

images/BURN14-41t.jpg - 22KB
Basel Institute, 1974
Source Item 14-41

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