AAESAustralian Agricultural Economics Society
AASAustralian Academy of Science
ABCAustralian Broadcasting Corporation
ACFAustralian Conservation Foundation
ACIAustralian Consolidated Industries
ACNTAustralian Council of National Trusts
AECAdult Education Centre
AILAAustralian Institute of Landscape Architects
AMFAustralian Military Forces
ANZAASAustralian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science
APMAustralian Paper Mills
APPUAustralian Primary Producers' Union
ARCAustralian Research Council
ASAPAustralian Science Archives Project
AVCAAgricultural & Veterinary Chemical Association of Australia
AWWAAustralian Water and Wastewater Association
BHPBroken Hill Pty
CCVConservation Council of Victoria
CEPCommission on Environmental Planning
CFLConservation, Forests and Lands
CRAConzinc Riotinto Australia
CRBCountry Roads Board
CRRERISCommonwealth Regional Renewable Energy Resources Information System
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
DCFLDepartment of Conservation Forests and Lands
EPAEnvironment Protection Authority
EPCEnvironmental Planning Commission (Goode calls it CEP, see above)
FCVForests Commission, Victoria
FLUCFederal Land Use Committee, a committee of the APPU
ICIImperial Chemical Industries
IUCNInternational Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
IYFInternational Youth Fund
LACLandscape Advisory Committee
LC/NTALandscape Committee of the National Trust, Australia
LCCLand Conservation Council
LGCLocal Government Commission
LPCLandscape Preservation Council, National Trust of Australia
LVWSBLatrobe Valley Water and Sewerage Board
MHRMember of the House of Representatives
MLAMember of Legislative Council
MMBWMelbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works
MPMember of Parliament
MPAMinistry for Planning and Environment
NCSNational Conservation Strategy
NCSANational Conservation Strategy for Victoria
NCSSANature Conservation Society of South Australia
NFFNational Farmers' Federation
NPANational Parks Authority
NPACNational Parks Advisory Council
NPSNational Parks Service
NRBNational Roads Board (New Zealand)
NRCLNational Resources Conservation League
NTANational Trust of Australia
PPWCParliamentary Public Works Committee
RAARoyal Automobile Association (South Australia)
RACVRoyal Automobile Club of Victoria
RCARoad Construction Authority
RCCRoadside Conservation Committee
SMASnowy Mountains Authority
SCASoil Conservation Authority
SCSSoil Conservation Service (New South Wales)
SECState Electricity Commission
SR&WSCState Rivers and Water Supply Commission
TCPATown and Country Planning Association
TCPBTown and Country Planning Board
UNESCOUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
UNRRAUnited Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
VCSVictorian Conservation Strategy
VNPAVictorian National Parks Association
WCSWorld Conservation Strategy
WOIWar Organisation of Industry
WWFWorld Wildlife Fund

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