Series List and Summary Descriptions

Series 1 Personal and Biographical

This series includes material relating to:
Dewar Goode's personal and professional life; family history and tree; biographical notes; personal writtings; draft copies of his autobiography; material on environmental issues and land use and conservation; Landscape Preservation Council; real estate; property trust taxation; certficate "Member of the Order of Australia"; curriculum vitae; Beechworth Industrial and Agriculture Company; Restoration Island; Bokissa Island; Brim Brim; Golden Ball and Honeysuckle Farm; Black Spring Bakery, Beechworth; and property of Dewar Goode.
Correspondence, transcripts, newspaper clippings, photographs, diaries, legal documents and printed material.

This series includes:
Section 1 - Personal and Family History, GOOD00001 - GOOD00012
Section 2 - Autobiography - Notes, Drafts and Photographs, GOOD00013 - GOOD00028
Section 3 - Properties, City and Country, GOOD00029 - GOOD00054

Date Range: 1860 - 1992   Quantity: 63.6 cm, 54 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 2 Family History

Material from Dewar's parents, Cecil H. Goode ("Pop") and Frances Ida Goode (née Sawers), known as "Dutchie", short for Dutchess. Cecil was appointed as the first Pastoral Inspector of South Australia in July, 1924, and as a member of the Pastoral Board in October, 1935. This file includes an account of their journey around central Australia, 1925, family history and information on land management, use and conservation through letters and diaries. Family correspondence; personal papers, documents and memorabilia; newspaper clippings, booklets, certificates, photographs, articles, maps, brochures, diaries and sketches; photographs of outback south and central Australia; Cecil H Goodes notebooks detailing pastoral inspections, appointments, general notes, conservation and land management, rainfall, land use, and extracts from his diaries; publications regarding North-South Railway including Parliamentary visits to South Australia and the Northern Territory; various material in relation to Goode and Sawers family history; and other miscellaneous notes, documents and correspondence.

Section 1 - Cecil H. Goode's notebooks, GOOD00044 - GOOD00051
Section 2 - Documents, GOOD00052 - GOOD00072, GOOD00937

Date Range: 1906 - 1980   Quantity: 18.5 cm, 30 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 3 Land Management
The Practical Basis of a Land Use Ethic

The accounts, receipts, invoices, statements, telegrams, correspondence, legal documents, accounts ledgers, newspaper clippings, photographs and reports, in relation to the management of `Malbooma Station' and `Brimm Brimm', properties of land owned and maintained by Dewar Goode.

Section 1 - "Malbooma" 1935-49, GOOD00073 - GOOD00089
Section 2 - "Brim Brim" 1946- , GOOD00090 - GOOD00118

Date Range: 1908 - 1992   Quantity: 62.4 cm, 46 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 4 Conservation and Environmental Planning

Newspaper clippings, correspondence, conference papers, reports, policy papers, articles, minutes, reference notes, extracts, newsletter and memos relating to conservation, environmental problems and planning, pastoral industry and land use ethics; a number of photocopies of articles and papers written by Dewar Goode.

Section 1 - 1935-49
Section 2 - 1950-55
Section 3 - 1956-57
Section 4 - 1958-59
Section 5 - 1960-62
Section 6 - 1963-64
Section 7 - 1965-66
Section 8 - 1967-70
Section 9 - 1971-75
Section 10 - 1976-79
Section 11 - 1980-86

This Series also includes other files in addition to the above.

Date Range: 1935 - 1992   Quantity: 69 cm, 42 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 5 Arid Zone

Material collected by Dewar Goode which illustrates his involvement, interest and contact with arid areas in Australia, and the problems that the land faced, including his approach to consistent, practical and economic land use ethics and his awareness of the need for specialised management.
Our aborigines lived on [the] arid lands for 40,000 years or more and we in less than 200 years are turning it into a desert. I said this in 1935 in my first major article and I have been saying it now for over 50 years. The arid zone has tourist and recreational values which, with proper understanding and management, will last into the indeterminate future. There is no future in pastoralism. The decision is political (Dewar Goode, 'Dewar Goode's Story', Trees and Natural Resources, Vol.30, No.3, p.24).
Newspaper clippings, papers, reports, correspondence, conference papers, brochures, extracts, newsletters, photographs, and draft notes.

Section 1 - Chronological files, GOOD
Section 2 - Formal Reports, GOOD
Section 3 - Watering Inland Australia, GOOD

Date Range: 1930 - 1992   Quantity: 64 cm, 37.1 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 6 Conservation Strategies

World, Australian and Victorian strategies - with comments. Articles, bulletins, reports, newspaper clippings, correspondence and papers. Material relating to World Conservation Strategy (WCS), National Conservation Strategy (NCS), and Victorian Conservation Strategy (VCS). Includes discussion papers of conservation strategies as well as the aims, development and establishement of the organisations. Many of the reports, papers and articles are by Dewar Goode who was involved in the above mentioned organisations.

Date Range: 1976 - 1989   Quantity: 5.8 cm, 13 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 7 Forests

Material regarding safeguarding forest assets based on research against floods, developing timber resources and buffer area timber, preserving National Parks and the history of forestry. Papers, newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence, booklets, broadsheets, brochures, and reports.

Section 1 - Forests, Pines, Farm Woodlets
Section 2 - Trees
Section 3 - Environmental effects of Forestry
Section 4 - Booklets and Formal Reports

Date Range: 1936 - 1990   Quantity: 2 cm, 27 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 8 Greenhouse Effect

Newspaper clippings, notes, papers, reports, transcripts and journals; a number of newspaper clippings and reports by the CSIRO, SEC, the Ministry for Planning and Environment, relating to the Greenhouse Effect and Air Pollution Measurements.

Date Range: 1962 - 1989   Quantity: 2.7 cm, 11 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 9 International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN)

Documentation of many reports and appeals, articles and visits overseas as a member and later vice-chairman of the Landscape Planning Commission of the IUCN, representing Australia at world-wide conferences. Newsletters, journals, papers, reports, newspaper clippings, correspondence, bulletins and notes.

Section 1 - IUCN
Section 2 - INCN Study Group, Calcutta
Section 3 - Commission on Enviromental Planning
Section 4 - IUCN Bulletin, IUCN Publications and reports.

Date Range: 1938 - 1984   Quantity: 32.7 cm, 53 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 10 Landscape

Tracing the development of the Landscape Committee of the National Trust and the establishment of a classification system to preserve landscape. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, conference papers, transcripts, minutes, maps, leaflets, photographs and memos, procedure manuals, slides, newsletters, lectures, maps, seminar reports, pamphlets, illustrating Dewar Goodes involvement in the progression towards the ultimate in landscape and its classifications.

Section 1 - Landscape
Section 2 - Notes on the development of Landscape
Section 3 - Landscape Committee Minutes and Notes
Section 4 - Classification Conference
Section 5 - Landscape Miscellaneous

Date Range: 1938 - 1984   Quantity: 20.7 cm, 25 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 11 Latrobe Valley

The Latrobe Valley catchment is an area rich in diverse resources: native flora and fauna; fertile soil; perennial rivers which feed the Gippsland Lakes; underground water supplies; as well as non-renewable resources, notably one of the largest brown coal deposits in the world. As a member of the CCV, TCPA and National Trust, Dewar Goode worked for improved regional planning and management in the Latrobe Valley, encouraging a multi-disciplinary approach from industry, science, conservationists and developers. He also appealed for specific conservation measures to counter problems in the region. Newspaper clippings, reports, guidelines, notes, submissions, appeals, pamphlets, booklets, transcripts, manuals, correspondence and papers.

Section 1 - Latrobe Valley
Section 2 - Feed Lot submissions and Gippsland Lake
Section 3 - Gippsland Pollution
Section 4 - APM and Duston Downs

Date Range: 1955 - 1987   Quantity: 10.5 cm
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 12 Mitchell River

Opposition to the Mitchell River Dam by the CCV on the grounds that it was unnecessary did not prevent the Council from remaining committed to the project as an advisory body. That dam was finally abandoned on both environmental and economic grounds, saving, at least for the time being, Victoria's last wild river. Correspondence, maps, reports, booklets, minutes, photographs, papers, memos, notes, surveys (photocopies), nomination forms, pamphlets, press-clippings, publications - booklets, minutes, parliamentary submissions, photographic plates (B&W), surveying charts. This series relates to the 1987 proposal to dam the Mitchell River and includes: the Mitchell Dam Proposal; various press reports; petitions to Ministries and to the National Trust; evidence and objections to the Parliamentary Public Works Committee; maps and plans of the Mitchell River National Park and of the proposed Mitchell Dam; and correspondence, papers, and notes refering to the Mitchell River Project.

Date Range: 1962 - 1988   Quantity: 8.8 cm, 13 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 13 Murray-Darling Basin

Dewar Goode's writing and activities promoted better control of water use to counter the degradation of the irrigation areas in the Murray-Darling Basin through bank erosion, exploitation of water resources and salinity, and to restore native wildlife to the areas. Dewar represented Victoria on the ACNT ad hoc River Murray Committee and was appointed as ACF representative on the Victorian Government Salinity Committee. Newspaper clippings, articles, reports, maps, photographs, memoranda, correspondence, notes, plans. This series consists largely of papers and articles by Dewar Goode relating to issues concerning environmental conditions and planning, conservation and salinity control around the Murray-Darling Basin area. This series also includes material from the Murray-Darling Basin Management Ministerial Meeting and the River Murray Committee.

Section 1 - Chronological Files
Section 2 - Notes, photographs, maps, reports

Date Range: 1914 - 1986   Quantity: 7.4 cm, 18 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 14 National Parks

Extensive reports on proposed and classified national parks from the National Parks Association, as well as support material from the National Parks Service, the Victorian National Parks Association and other concerned groups, providing a history of the development and preservation of national parks in Victoria.
Correspondence, papers, articles, newspaper clippings, reports, memos, maps, plans, notes, pamphlets, booklets, minutes and photographs.

Section 1 - National Parks, alphabetical
Section 2- National Parks, chronological
Section 3 - Alfred National Park - Roadside

Date Range: 1940 - 1990   Quantity: 26.3 cm, 58 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 15 Otway Ranges

Dewar Goode formed the Lorne Planning and Preservation League (National Trust) and later the Otways Committee (CCV), and was involved in coastal and recreational planning for decades through the Academy of Science, ACF, National Trust, TCPA and National Parks Service. This file contains information on the development, planning and conservation of the Otway Ranges region, its water resources, wildlife, timber and recreational value. Correspondence, papers, articles, brochures, reports, newspaper clippings, transcripts, maps . This series consists of material relating to Dewar Goodes involvement and interest in the Otways.

Section 1 - Great Ocean Road, 1959 - 1989
Section 2 - The Otway Ranges
Section 3 - Softwoods, funds for research, and the Otways
Section 4 - CCV Otways Subcommittee
Section 5 - The Otways and Alcoa, 1974-1989
Section 6 - Otways maps, brochures, tourists information
Section 7 - Formal Reports

Date Range: 1954 - 1990   Quantity: 30 cm, 61 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 16 Scoria and Hard Rock Quarrying

Correspondence, memos, newspaper clippings, papers, reports, photographs, notes and articles. This series includes material relating to Scoria and Hard Rock Quarrying; Lang Lang Sandpit Proposal; Red Rock Reserve Appeal, Colac; Extractive Industries Appeals, Almurta; `Lysterfield'; Lang Lang Foundry Wastes; Lanf Lang Rehabilitation; and Mining.

Date Range: 1958 - 1991   Quantity: 10.5 cm, 10 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 17 Snowy Mountains

Information on the Snowy Mountains and the Snowy Mountains Authority (SMA) is contained in this file. The work of groups such as the Federal Land Use Committee of the APPU, the Soil Conservation Authority and the National Parks Authority is evident in efforts to preserve the alpine region and its resources. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, minutes, reports, articles, notes, pamhlets and maps.
Section 1 - Subject Files: Catchment area protection; Diversion of the Snowy River; Federal Land Committee; Hydro vs Atomic Power; Soil Conservation Authority; National Water Policy and Alpine Preservation; Repairing and protecting the snowy region; conservation and the snowfilelds; National Park Service for Victoria; economics.
Section 2 - Chronological Files: 1961-1983; maps and pamphlets of the hydro-electric project.

Date Range: 1947 - 1983   Quantity: 14 cm, 20 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 18 War Organisation of Industry (WOI) and Post-War Reconstruction (PWR)

At the beginning of 1944, Dewar Goode went to Melbourne into War Organisation of Industry as a pastoral advisor in the Rural Industries Division. The only non-Academic member of the WOI team, he helped to organise and manage primary and secondary industry in Australia during World War Two, handling conservation matters in particular. This Series consists of material collected by Dewar Goode whilst with the War Organisation of Industry, where he was responsible for wool, meat, skins, hides, vet industries and supplies, instruments and secondary industry dependent on the grazing industry.
Correspondence, papers, booklets, reports, publications, translations of foreign material, press clippings, departmental circulars, staff memoranda, minutes, annual reports, teletype and teleprint messages, directories, handbooks.

Section 1 - Personal files and Chronological
Section 2- Departmental Files
Section 3 - WOI Departmental Handbooks.

Date Range: 1934 - 1990   Quantity: 37.5 cm, 70 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 19 Wildlife

Material relating Australian wildlife, in particular, its effects and relationships with land use, conservation and the environment. Articles, talks to public bodies on attractions to tourism and conservation measures demonstrated at "Brim Brim". Newspaper clippings, submissions, papers, pamhlets, leaflets, journals, publications, agenda papers.

Date Range: 1944 - 1985   Quantity: 3 cm, 11 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 20 Articles, Drafts and Papers

The bulk of Dewar Goode's original articles and relevant background material, correspondence and reports. Newspaper clippings, papers, articles, reports, memoranda, correspondence. This series is a representation the articles and papers written by Dewar Goode, circa 1930 to 1960, published in various sources throughout Australia, mostly relating to his work in the field of environmetal planning.

Date Range: 1924 - 1991   Quantity: 39 cm, 28 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 21 Subject Files I

Papers, Correspondence, Newspaper clippings, Brochures, Notes, newsletters, reports, maps, memos, journals. This series include material on a wide variety of subjects.

Section 1 - Alphabetical by Subject: Aborigines; Agriculture Economics; Agriculture Policy; Agriculture - Drought and Fodder Conservation; Bushfires; Corangamite; Dartmouth Dam; Dartmouth Transmission Line; Ecology; Feed Lot; Feral Animals and Pests; Fish Farming; Food and Population; Greenhouse Effect and Air Pollution; Hobby Farms; Hughes Creek; Hume Dam; Islands - Deal Is, French Is., Phillip Is.; Land Settlement; Landscape; Landscape Planning Overseas; Linear Resources; Lorne Town; MMBW Water Supply; National Estate - Heritage; Northern Territory; Pesticides; Pollution; Port Phillip Authority; Recreation; Rivers and Streams; Salinity; Salinity - River Murrary Commission Booklets; SEC Transmission Lines; Snowy Mountain Authority; Softwoods; Soil Erosions; Tourism; Trees; Underground Water Resources; Underground Water Resource Inquiry; War Organisation of Industry; Wastes and Recycling; Water Resources; Weeds; Wetlands; Yarra River.

Section 2 - Alphabetical by Organisation: Australian Conservation Foundation; APPU; Environmental Institute of Australia; IUCN; National Resource Conservation League; Country Roads Board - Roads Bridges and Tress.

Date Range: 1927 - 1992   Quantity: 64.1 cm, 72 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 22 Appeals

Reports, correspondence, papers, maps, notes.

Section 1- Appeals: Quarry in Wooragee Valley; Pigeon Farm, Highlands; Tom Groggin Station; Mitchell River Dam; Stringer Road, Blairgowerie; Fun Park, Gordon; Alcoa.

Section 2 - Shires: Albury - Wodonga; Beechworth; Berwick; Flinders; Macedon; Mornington Peninsula; Portland.

Section 3 - Dartmouth Transmissions Lines: Dartmouth Transmission Lines

Date Range: 1958 - 1990   Quantity: 13 cm, 21 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 23 Subject Files II

Printed material, correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports, papers, This series includes material on a wide variety of subjects including: Logging in Alpine Areas, BHP Pursuits of Excellence Awards, Black Springs Bakery-Beechworth, Environmental and Conservation Conferences, Agriculture, Alcoa Power Station and Pine Plantations in the Otway Ranges, Soil Erosion Publications, Gardening and garden pests, Murrary River and Mitta Mitta River, National Trust of Australia, Order of Australia, Roadside Developments, Westernport Bay, Snowy Mountain Schemes, Sugarloaf Development and Yarra Brae, Wildlife, Maralinga, IUCN Papers, Groundwater, CSIRO, National Resource and Conservation League of Victoria, Aborigines, Arid Zone.

Date Range: 1912 - 1992   Quantity: 55.6 cm, 36 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 24 Photographs and Negatives

Both black and white and coloured photographs and negative film, some labelled and dated, taken of landscapes, alpine scenery, outback Australian, mines, coastal areas, dam sites, ariel views, foreshores, landmarks and roadsides, Location and Subjects include: Australian Conservation Foundation, Lang Lang, Australian Paper Mills - Gippsland, Black Springs Bakery, Bokissa Island, Brimm Brimm, Leopols Street South Yarra, Broken Hill, Restoration Island Cape York, Goode Family, erosion of lanscape, eucalyptus, gas pipe line to Albury, Herronswood - Dromana, Heytesbury, High Plains, Honeysuckle Farm Victoria, Ibis, Kangaroo Island, Kenya, Otways, Mt. Napier, Ararat, Geelong, Mt Buffalo, Riverina River, New Zealand, Northern Territory, Pigeon Farm, Red Rocks Reserve, Ripponlea, Snowy Mountains, Beechworth, United Kingdom, Victor Harbour, Warraweena and Yarra Brae.

Date Range: 1920 - 1989   Quantity: 35 cm, 80 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 25 Slides and Transparencies

Coloured Slides, mostly captioned, of travels taken by DW Goode throughout Australia and to many parts of the world, taken of landscapes, coastal area, vegetation, roadsides, towns, sites, landmarks, highways, stockyards, many of which illustrate land use and conservation. Locations include: Britian, Europe and Africa, USA, Kenya, Switerland and South of France, Japan, Victoria, India, Great Ocean Road, Pt. Cambell, Ballarat, Australian Consolidation Industrial Areas, Moot Wingie, Willandra Lakes in NSW, Western Lakes Vic, Wannon Falls, Lower Glenelg, Heytesbury, Northern Territory, Bokissa Island, Barmah Forest, Werribee River and Hattah Lakes National Park.

Date Range: 1960 - 1985   Quantity: 84.8 cm, 33 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 26 Cassettes

Cassette Tapes. Titles include: Terry Lane Programme, Guest Speaker on the ABC, "Pursuit of Excellence" award by BHP, Jonathon Holy, Arid Zone Correspondence, Victorian Conservation Stratergy, Kenya, Radio Talks with Peter Scott and Harold Coolidge, Brimm Brimm Dams, and and Japanese Culture - KOTO of the Tsukusha School.

Date Range: 1965 - 1991   Quantity: 20.4 cm, 12 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


Series 27 Maps

Photocopied and hand drawn maps. This Series includes maps of South Australia which detail directions of stock routes, old properties and water conservation works; planning maps of the Otway Ranges and the Great Ocean Road detailing existing boundries; and maps of the Pine Mountains and the Parish of Walwa.

Date Range: 1894 - 1986   Quantity: 2.5 cm, 5 items
Provenance: Dewar Wilson Goode


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