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Science and the making of VictoriaRoyal Society of Victoria
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Royal Society of Victoria 1854-1959


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Philosophical Society of Victoria

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Philosophical Society of Victoria (continued)

The objects of the Society were to be carried out by original researches conducted by the members, and by original papers to be read at the periodical meetings and published under the direction of the Society. This latter objective laid down a principle which over the years, through exchanges of publications with other societies, has produced the now world-famous library of the Royal Society of Victoria, rich in overseas periodicals and in literature relating to science generally.

Membership of this new society was to consist of three categories—Fellows, Ordinary and Honorary Members, and here again the likeness to the Royal Society of London was apparent. It was proposed that Fellows should be elected from ordinary members by ballot, with a four-fifths majority necessary for election, whereas ordinary members would be admitted on application to the council. Honorary membership was to be considered one of the highest marks of distinction that the Society would confer.

The office bearers who were to be elected annually were to be a president, one or more vice-presidents, treasurer, secretary, and these, with eight other members elected from among the Fellows of the Society, formed the council. The office bearers and council of the Philosophical Society of Victoria who were placed in office pro tem. until the first anniversary meeting in 1855, were published as follows:

His Excellency The Lieutenant-Governor

A. Clarke, M.L.C., F.R.S.L.V.D., Surveyor-General

Godfrey Howitt, M.D., F.R.B.S.E.

Rev. A. Morison, V.D.M; R. Eades, M.B., F.R.C.S.I.; A. Selwyn; S. Iffla, M.D.; F. Mueller, F.R.Bav.S.; F. C. Christy, Assoc. I.C.E.; J. Hutchinson, M.D.; W. Blandowski

D. E. Wilkie, M.D.

Honorary Secretary:
S. Wekey

Prior to the first public meeting of the Society, the interim council appointed its first two Honorary Members—Captain J. H. Kay, F.R.S., Private Secretary to the Lt-Governor; and William Howitt, the explorer.

Organisations in Australian Science at Work - Philosophical Society of Victoria

People in Bright Sparcs - Blandowski, Wilhelm; Clarke, Captain Andrew; Eades, Dr Richard; Howitt, Alfred William; Howitt, Godfrey; Kay, Joseph Henry; Mueller, Dr Ferdinand; Selwyn, Alfred Richard Cecil; Wilkie, David Elliot

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