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Science and the making of VictoriaRoyal Society of Victoria

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•  N. W. Archbold
2....The Royal Society of Victoria—Past, Present, Future
•  J. F. Lovering
3....The Royal Society of Victoria from then, 1854 to now, 1959
•  R. T. M. Pescott
59....Royal Society of Victoria—Approaching Centenary
•  Professor E. Sherbon Hills, President of the Society
61....The Royal Society's Place in Science
•  Associate Professor G. W. Leeper, President of the Royal Society of Victoria
68....The Royal Society of Victoria 1934-1984
•  R. R. Garran
73....A Consortium Approach to Marine Science
•  Laurie Hammond, Director, Victorian Institute of Marine Sciences 1984-
91....Publication Dates of Early Scientific Journals in Victoria
•  Helen Aston, National Herbarium of Victoria
107....Inaugural and Anniversary Addresses of the Royal Society of Victoria and its Predecessors
•  R. Barry, A. Clarke, W. F. Stawell, F. Mueller, H. Barkly
150....Alphabetical List of Members 1854-1872, Compiled From the List of Members in the Proceedings
•  Freda and Viv Martin
187....The Royal Society's Missing Cook, or Have You Seen This Painting?

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