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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 9

I Introduction

II The Australian Chemical Industry

III Pharmaceuticals

IV Chemists In Other Industries

V The Dawn Of Modern Chemical Industry - High Pressure Synthesis

VI The Growth Of Synthetic Chemicals - Concentration, Rationalisation And International Links

VII Australian Industrial Chemical Research Laboratories

VIII The Plastics Industry

IX The Paint Industry

X Acknowledgements
i Pictures



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Few corporate histories have been published in Australia, particularly over the period of rapid development after the Second World War. For much of the material of this chapter the author therefore had to seek contributions from contemporary eye-witnesses, the technologists and managers involved in making the company histories. Without their support this record would not have been possible and their generous help is gratefully acknowledged. The author wishes particularly to acknowledge the co-authorship of the following (in order of the sections of the chapter) who have contributed separate papers which were subsequently included or condensed here:

    'Fertilisers', by J. S. Pulsford, former A. F. L. Holdings Ltd. (condensed) The Bosisto Story, by N. Manning, former Dean of Victorian College of Pharmacy (abbreviated)

    The Faulding Story by Dr. Brian McNamee, General Manager, Faulding Product Division (condensed)

    'Commonwealth Serum Laboratories', by Dr. Neville McCarthy, A. O., Managing Director CSL.

    'Phenol', by Mr. D. A. Young, Director Corporate Affairs, Monsanto/Australia (condensed)

    'Plastics. The Second Generation', and 'Styrene Monomer', The West Footscray Petrochemical Complex by Mr. H. Holmes, Chairman, Monsanto Australia Limited

    'The Altona Petrochemical Complex', by C. R. Meares, former Chief Executive Exxon Chemical Australia Ltd. (abbreviated)

    'The Paint Industry', by J. C. Thomas, Research and Development Manager, DULUX Australia, (condensed)

Valuable contributions were also obtained in writing or verbally from Mr. R. Bell, Wattyl, Victoria (verbal communication); Mr. C. R. Bowes, Plant Manager, Monsanto Australia; Dr. R. D. Croll; Mr. H. A. Grayson, Managing Director BASF Australia; Mr. A. W. Hamer (Aniline and Diphenylamine), former Managing Director ICI Australia; Mr. G. J. Handley, Manager, Nicholas-Kiwi Pacific Pty. Ltd.; Mr. G. A. Hollingworth, A. C. Hatrick Chemicals; Mr. R. R. Lalchere, Hardman Chemicals Pty. Ltd.; and Mr. M. Norrie, former Director, Timbrol Company; Dr. H. S. Preston, Assistant Secretary, Patents, Trademarks and Designs Office, Canberra; Mr. R. Proudley, Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria. Substantial reference was made to the following historical works:

    Geoffrey Blainey, History of ICIANZ, unpublished typescript

    J. R. Poynter, 'Russell Grimwade', Melbourne University Press, and

    D. P. Mellor, 'Australia in the War 1939-45', Australian War Memorial.

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