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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 1

I Groping In A Strange Environment: 1788-1851

II Farmers Take The Initiative: 1851-1888

III Enter Education And Science: 1888-1927

IV Agricultural Science Pays Dividends: 1927-1987

V Examples Of Research And Development 1928-1988
i Land assessment
ii Improving the environment
iii Adapting to the environment
iv Improving farm management

VI International Aspects Of Agricultural Research

VII Future Prospects

VIII Acknowledgements



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Examples Of Research And Development 1928-1988

The number of important research findings since the mid-1920s has been so great and they have covered such a diverse range of problems, disciplines and agricultural industries, that it is impossible to record them all in a single chapter. Further, the task of choosing examples is difficult because there are no agreed or ready selection criteria by which their inclusion or exclusion can be justified. The following examples have been drawn from various industries, disciplines and organizations because, taken together, they are broadly representative of the total research effort. Countless other examples could have been given and the reader's indulgence is sought if a favourite piece of research has been too lightly dismissed or even omitted altogether.

Before considering examples of research that have assisted a specific industry or have solved particular agricultural problems, it is appropriate to consider first the developments that have led to the assessment of the agricultural value of land and to the classification of land resources as a basis for planning future forms of land use.

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